7 Little Johnstons Recap 06/06/23: Season 13 Episode 8 “Let’s Get Physical”

Tonight on TLC America’s largest known little family, 7 Little Johnstons returns with an all-new Tuesday, June 6, 2023, episode and we have your 7 Little Johnstons recap below. On tonight’s 7 Little Johnstons Season 13 Episode 8 “Let’s Get Physical,” as per the TLC synopsis,“While Trent continues his health and fitness journey, Emma hosts a pop-up shop for her business. Now that Liz and Brice are living together, Trent checks in on how things are going. Then, the family celebrates Thanksgiving with gratitude.

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In tonight’s 7 Little Johnstons episode, Trent has been working out a lot harder since he learned he was borderline diabetic. Before, he kinda treated it like a joke. He saw that he was gaining weight but he honestly thought it was manageable until he learned otherwise from the nutritionist. Brynn opened his eyes.

She told him that his family history as well as his weight were working against him. He wasn’t like an average size person. Him being overweight will affect his mobility on top of his health. He now knows he was at too much of a risk to ignore his weight. He was lifting weights now and Amber tried joining him. She wanted to lose weight too.

They both splurged on their vacation. They overindulged on the exotic food over there. They tried everything. They also ate a lot of carbohydrates because bread was a big part of their friend Joon’s diet. They were back stateside now and they were taking their weight loss seriously. Amber even dug up her old workout clothes.

The ones that look straight from the 80s. They even said “let’s get physical” on her leotard. Trent had a good laugh at that one. And at the same time he was also encouraging because at least her old stuff still fits.

He couldn’t say the same. When the couple weren’t working out, they were helping their kids. Their youngest daughter wanted to open a pop-up shop. Emma sells jewelry online and they were about to go into her busiest season. She thought having a store would help maximize her sales.

Her parents tried to prepare her for what that might look like. Amber pretended to be several types of “Karens” as a way of reminding Emma to maintain her composure. Elizabeth on the other hand didn’t think the real thing would work out as well as the practice sessions would.

She thought her sister would be hurt if someone actually treated her with such disrespect. Emma’s sisters also tried to prepare her for her pop-up shop and ultimately Emma was still nervous when her shop opened.

She had a slow first day. She did make a few sales, but she was constantly worried that they wouldn’t like what they saw or that they would leave her shop without buying anything. So, seeing people buy her jewelry helped her ease into the experience. And now she just has to find a way to up her sales.

Trent also helped Elizabeth’s boyfriend build kitchen stools. Elizabeth needed them at her house because her home wasn’t tailored for a little person. Not like it was at her parents’ house. Her parents have been there long enough to make sure the home met all of the requirements. Elizabeth’s place was still technically new. Hence she needs stools to help reach the countertops. Trent also showed Brice how to build the stools and not Elizabeth because Brice recently moved in with Elizabeth. And he has to know how to help take care of Elizabeth’s needs.

Brice and Elizabeth have been together for a while now. Trent believes there’s a chance they might get married one day and have kids. Brice needed to know how to help a little person to not just help Elizabeth. It will also show her that he would do the same for their own children if they ever have them one day. They weren’t going to have them tomorrow and so there was still time for Brice to learn. Only Brice has to learn how to live with Elizabeth first. They were currently arguing about chores and what not.

Elizabeth was hoping that by moving in together that Brice would grow up a little bit. He would realize he has responsibilities. He would also know that he just couldn’t fall back on how it was when he lived with his parents and so far he hasn’t shown that. It didn’t even feel like they were in a relationship. Elizabeth said it felt like they were just roommates. They’ve been together for almost four years and moving in together might have been a horrible decision because all the romance is gone.

The show was filmed a couple of months ago. They were still celebrating Thanksgiving. Trent took his family over to his parents’ place to celebrate the holiday. The whole family was together. His sister Heidi was there with her family. They all played games and they ate an amazing meal. Well, almost all of them ate the amazing meals. Trent had to limit himself. He was on that diet and Amber was taking a lot more seriously than he did. She played support coach for him. She would veto anything that wasn’t good for him. And it being Thanksgiving, that was most of it.

He couldn’t eat cranberries or sweet potatoes. It was the worst only he was still glad he went because his sister had needed him. Heidi was getting a divorce. She and her husband weren’t really having a marriage when Trent noticed the distance between them and he offered his support. And so Heidi was especially thankful for her brother this year.


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