America’s Got Talent Recap 06/06/23: Season 18 Episode 2 “Auditions 2”

Tonight on NBC America’s Got Talent begins with an all-new Tuesday, June 6, 2023, episode and we have your America’s Got Talent recap below! On tonight’s AGT season 18 episode 2 premiere “Auditions 2″, as per the NBC synopsis, “The auditions continue as a variety of acts featuring contestants of all ages audition for the chance to win the $1 million prize.

The Golden Buzzer is back, allowing a lucky act the chance to go directly to the live shows to compete for America’s vote.

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Tonight’s AGT episode begins with host Terry Crews and judges Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergara, Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum returning to the judges chairs.

Simon says the opportunity is big, two minutes can change your life and there is a million dollars at stake.

Lambros Garcia is 10 years old from NY and he is a dancer. He was in karate classes, but there was a dance class next door and he loved dancing to the music. If he won, he would get a dog. He admits that he gets bullied at school and this solo means a lot to him.

Howie says he danced with such joy, precision, you have to be strong and amazing. Sofia says they bully him because they envy him, they can’t do what he did and he shouldn’t listen to them, that was spectacular. Simon says he has natural stage presence and he wants him to go back to school with his head up high and if he gets bullied again, he is bring Terry, Howie, Sofia and Heidi, and they are going to start them out. Heidi is a big yes, Howie is a yes, Sofia and Simon re yes, he is going through.

Sainted is a trap choir, they sing trap songs and it was God’s idea for them to be on the show. It is a standing ovation by the judges and the audience.

Howie says they left them shook, it is young and exciting and not what you think. He would see every concert they play at. Heidi loves their vibe, the outfits, the choreography, it was fantastic. Sofia says they are one of her favourites, creative, fun, the voices are amazing. Simon loved everything about them, he thanks them and God for bringing them here. Four yes votes get them through.

Next are the Ramadhani brothers made up of Fadi and Ibrahim, they are from east Africa and their biggest dream is to perform in Las Vegas for he AGT show, and they believe they have a good chance. They are a death defying acrobatic act.

Terry says he has never seen anything like this, it was amazing. Howie says that was the scariest, most dangerous act he has ever seen on AGT. Heidi says this is how we do it, she was screaming along, she loves them. Sofia says that was spectacular, it was fun and scary. Simon says unbelievable, from start to finish close to perfection, absolutely brilliant. Four yes votes and they are through.

Virginia Stone lives outside of Iowa, she was a corporate pilot and she is there because she won hog calling and husband calling at the Iowa state fair, the biggest fair in the country.

Heidi is the first one to give her aa red buzzer and says she doesn’t think the sound of the buzzer is loud enough. Simon is the second. Howie says her talent couldn’t win a million dollars and all four judges give her a no.

Avantgardey is from Japan and they are a dance group and have an original dance piece filled with Japanese soul.

Heidi says they are so beyond insynch and they really think outside the box. Sofia says it was beyond anything she expected, she loves them. Simon says it was genius and happy they came from Japan. Howie says he loved everything they do. It is another four yes votes to move forward.

Putri Ariani is 17 years old from Indonesia and this if her first time in America. She is a singer and her dream is being a star like Whitney Houston and winning a Grammy award.

Simon gets up and asks Putri for another song. Them it is a standing ovation by the audience and the judges. Putri is overwhelmed with emotion. Sofia says they are all mesmerized by her, she is an angel. Howie says an angel landed on they stage, she is a superstar. Heidi loved the first song, and it was an original song. Howie is impressed. Simon says she is 17, she writes songs, has a distinctive voice, plays the piano. Putri says she wants to go to Julliard school, Simon gets up and hits the golden buzzer and says he hopes it helps.

Mandy Muden is a magician from London. If she wins a million dollars she will probably spend it on men.

Sofia says that was quite a surprise, she was so funny and she didn’t expect to have so much fun. Howie says she is a very good magician, she is funny, he loves her and she deserves to have her own show, he would go to see just her in Las Vegas. Heidi thinks she is adorable. Simon says they saw everything, she is mindreader, she is funny and naughty, he likes her. It is four yes votes to move forward.

Zoe Erianna Cui is six years old and if she wins she wants a fluffy bed, fluffy pillows and fluffy stuffed animals. She likes all the judges, but she likes Sofia the most. She is a singer.

Sofia says she is one of her favorite contestants ever. Heidi loves her stage presence, very well done. Howie says she is an adorable version of Lady Gaga, she is goo goo gaga. Simon says she is fearless, so brave, so talented. Four yes votes for Zoe.

Muhamed Kahrimanovic is from Hamburg, Germany and he he has been doing martial arts for over fifty years. Today he brought 170 coconuts with him. Michael from Guinness World Records is on stage with Terry, this is an official attempt to break the most coconuts in two minutes and they have to be split in two pieces. Muhamed is the current world record holder with 148 coconuts, he is attempting to break his own record. Michael has to count, he is ready, he broke 23. Simon hits the red buzzer and says it wasn’t even close. Heidi says she is sorry it didn’t work out. Howie tries to break one with his hand and hurts himself, s he stomps it and breaks it open.

Mitch Rossell is a country singer, he lost his dad and his grandparents to a freak accident by a drunk driver. They were really poor and his dad bought him a small guitar, he wished he had tried harder when he was younger and not been so much into sports. He learned how to sing from singing with his dad in the car. His ultimate dream is to reach his potential. He is going to sing an original song, the most personal he has ever written, a true story about his life. A standing ovation by the audience and the judges. There is not a dry eye in the place.

Heidi says he wrote a beautiful song, everyone in the room was feeling what he was singing. Howie says the words and the emotion that he sings with, what a great sentiment, beautiful words, simple brilliance. He predicts that song will be the number one downloaded song tomorrow. Sofia says his voice was amazing and the song. Simon loved every part of that, you couldn’t hear a pin drop during the whole performance, this was a brilliant audition. Four yes votes, well a billion from Simon. Howie says that is a star. Terry says he wants to play that song for his son, he hit every heart in the place.

Corinne wold is 85-years old, she is with Ray Wold, her son. He is her third son out of eight kids. They leave the stage to get ready. They both come back on stage and he does some kind of magic, where he sets himself on fire and mom uses an extinguisher to put it out. Then, he he throws knives, on fire near his mom, the whole time he is on fire. Mom is shouting no and he is still throwing knives on fire at her, but he doesn’t hit her, not once. Howie hits the buzzer, mom puts the fire out on her son. Terry says that was spectacular. Heidi says it was such a hot mess she loved it. Sofia says the mom is the star of the show. Howie says he is all about family but if you want to spend quality time together, you shouldn’t throw knives at here. Simon loved it and says you are never too old to chase your dreams. Howie says no for their safety. Heidi says yes, Sofia says yes and so does Simon. Simon gets up and hugs mom and tells her she was incredible. Terry thanks Ray for not hurting his mom.


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