Chicago Med Recap 01/11/23: Season 8 Episode 11 “It Is What It Is, Until It Isn’t”

Tonight on NBC their medical drama Chicago Med airs with an all-new Wednesday, January 11, 2023, episode, and we have your Chicago Med recap below. In tonight’s Chicago Med season, 8 episode 11 called, “It Is What It Is, Until It Isn’t,” as per the NBC synopsis, “Crockett and Charles treat Justin’s gym buddy. Maggie and Will help a robbery-homicide suspect. Hannah and Archer use Med’s new opiate abuse .

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Tonight’s episode begins with Sean Archer who was getting out of prison. He was being released early. He contacted his dad about it and Dr. Dean Archer was so happy for him. He’s been worried about his son since he had an incident in jail. Sean had gotten shanked at the time. It had been a miracle he survived and so Archer was happy he didn’t have to worry about that anymore. His son was getting out. He was also clean for the first time in a long time. Sean could truly start his life over. His father had less to worry about and it was all in all good news. And then Archer went to work where he dealt with stress on top of patients and he realized he might not have enough time in his schedule to truly welcome Sean back into the world.

A patient came in after falling from up top of one of the rock climbing courses. Omar wasn’t clicked in. He didn’t have someone spotting him on the ground. He also showed some kind of disconnect while he was at the top because he kept ringing the bell before he just suddenly fell. Omar only had several dislocations. Dr. Lieu was there and he took the brunt of the fall. Lieu even suffered rope burns to his hands because he tried to help Omar with the rope before he literally threw himself in Omar’s path to act as a cushion to the fall. It was only later when Omar later showed confusion about where he was to the point he kept asking what happened that Lieu remembered him ringing the bell.

It was like Omar was stuck on a loop. Something happened to him before he fell. It’s what caused him to fall and so the doctors did their best to help him with that. The doctors also dealt with a patient that came in seeking pain meds. Her name was Jodie Dunner. She was considered high-risk because she’s asked for pain meds before. But she was being treated by Dr. Asher. Asher was an addict herself and she wasn’t sure if Jodie came in seeking meds and meds alone. Jodie said she has endometriosis. It was a painful disease. Meaning there was a chance she was telling the truth about being in pain and so Asher asked Archer to assist with this patient.

Archer did tests on Jodie. She wasn’t showing signs of endometriosis. She also seemed nervous about further testing and that’s what made the doctors realize she wasn’t in any actual pain. She just wanted drugs. She was so convincing that she had Asher doubt herself for a minute and yet this whole thing proved that she still wants to see the best in patients. The same went for Dr. Halstead. Halstead treated Aaron Curtis. Aaron came in with a gunshot wound. He didn’t want to talk about it and he hated that the hospital’s policy was to inform the cops. The cops were called. And they immediately suspected Aaron was involved in something illegal.

There was a robbery of a bodega. The owner was shot and killed. He also had a gun with which he shot the robber. So, the cops just assumed Aaron was the robber. It was just Maggie and Halstead that weren’t convinced. Those two went back into Aaron’s room. They questioned him about the robbery. He said he was there only he didn’t shoot anyone. He was just an innocent bystander. He said he saw the robber and the clerk draw guns and he just got shot in the crossfire. He also ran away from the scene because he just knew he would be blamed for what happened. He was a black teenager. He was afraid to go to prison for something he didn’t do.

Which was why he tried to walk off the gunshot wound. He didn’t go to the hospital until a week after the robbery happened and he was so scared of getting blamed for this that he refused surgery. He didn’t want the cops to get the bullet. Maggie and Halstead tried to help. They asked Dr. Marcel if there was any way to stop the bleeding without removing the bullet. If the cops don’t have a bullet, they can’t make a case. But the cops did collect old bandages that were on Aaron. They tested that and it was a match to the blood at the crime scene. And so the cops were surer than ever that Aaron was their guy.

They even found out that Aaron was underage. He ran away from his foster home recently and so the state can compel him to get the surgery. As for Asher’s patient, she ended up having a seizure. Jodie has a cancerous tumor in her back causing her pain. It’s why she never tested positive for endometriosis. She also was nervous about further testing because she was simply worried about it. She never had a problem with pain meds. The pain meds that got her flagged were for her cat. It was this OpioHealth program that got her flagged. It was an algorithm that was supposed to help doctors spot addicts. And it almost cost a young woman her life.

Asher tried to flag the program with Sharon. Only she was told by their legal counsel that it was still working out its kinks. The program stays. Asher later checked her own name with the program and she was also flagged. It turns out her years of sobriety didn’t count. Once an addict, always an addict according to the program. Asher complained about it to Archer. Archer then thought about his own son. He became worried about what would happen once Sean was released. He was worried about what would happen next. But he still showed up when Sean was released. And he told his son it was them against the world.

Aaron got his surgery. Marcel was able to pull it off without removing the bullet and so he has a fighting chance against the charges once the police came after him.

And Omar had suffered a neurological event that was treated. He was also told that his diet was leaving him malnourished and so he thought about getting a new diet.


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