Chicago Med Recap 01/18/23: Season 8 Episode 12 “We All Know What They Say About Assumptions”

Tonight on NBC their medical drama Chicago Med airs with an all-new Wednesday, January 18, 2023, episode, and we have your Chicago Med recap below. In tonight’s Chicago Med season, 8 episode 12 called, “We All Know What They Say About Assumptions,” as per the NBC synopsis, “Goodwin, Maggie, and Crockett help victims of a hit-and-run accident. Will struggles to diagnose a patient with seizures. Hannah and Archer clash with Jack Dayton.

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Tonight’s Chicago Med episode beings with Dean, Marcus goes over his test results. Meanwhile, Daniela and Liliana are talking and he tells her that he is going to be at every show. He also tells her that he has a friend on the board at the opera and could find out when the next auction is.

Sharon goes to help Maggie when her car breaks down. All of a sudden, they hear screeching, a woman named Rose is hit by a taxi. The two women rush to help, Sharon takes a photo of the license plate of the driver of the hit-and-run.

Crocket asks Jack if he has a minute, and he says yes but first wants to introduce him to Dr. Grace Song, an incredible surgeon who just started.

Jack makes an announcement to the staff that he has a lot to learn about medicine. He has asked Dr. Song to spend more time in the ED to help make it more efficient. Dean is there and tells Jack they don’t need to find high-tech solutions to fix problems where there are none that exist. She sees Will trying in his notes and says there are other ways to take notes that doing them himself and taking up so much time that he could be with patients.

Will goes in to see a patient, Jason, his parents Connie and David are there. Jason is confused, he doesn’t know he is in the hospital. His mother says he has been irritable and confused. His father says he lacks energy and doesn’t want to eat. His parents tell Will that they lost one son already, they are over paranoid but they can’t help it. Will says it could be an infection, they will figure it out.

Laura is coming in, she is bleeding and they can’t stop it, an emergency D&C has to be done.

Rose comes in, she has a pelvic fracture from the hit and runs. Crocket and Dean examine her, the abdominal bleeding is a priority. Meanwhile, Rose’s friend who was with her, Paula, is in the car with Maggie and Sharon on their way to the hospital and she has trouble breathing. Maggie thinks she has a broken rib that could be puncturing a lung.

Jason is having seizures, drugs are given to him to stop them.

Daniel goes in to see a patient, Mr. Wyatt, who wants to leave. Daniel is concerned about the drugs and alcohol in his system, it was a potentially lethal combination. Wyatt says he didn’t know it was that dangerous, he just has to take the edge off, it was a one-off mistake and he wants his discharge papers.

Will tells Dr.Song about his patient, on how his brother died after having similar symptoms. She offered to help out. It would take a few hours, but she would be willing to help him.

After the D&C, Laurel is still bleeding, and Hannah looks concerned.

Daniel is walking out Mr. Wyatt when he starts freaking out because the press has arrived at the hospital and he didn’t want them to know about his illness. Mr. Wyatt starts to have trouble breathing, Daniel tries to calm him down.

Paula finally makes it to the ER.

Laurel is told that if she doesn’t have a complete hysterectomy or she will continue bleeding until she dies.

Mr. Wyatt tells Daniel that his campaign, everything he has worked for is over, it is a catastrophe. He is worried that he keeps having meltdowns and that the next one could be in public.

Dean and Crocket are in surgery, they have a difference of opinion regarding a computerized computer is telling them what to do. Dean gets annoyed and hits the computer. After surgery, Jack tells Dean he is fired for breaking the equipment.

Dr. Song figures out what is wrong with Jason, he is going to be ok. Some supplements will do the trick now that the know what he is dealing with.

Lillian tells Daniel that she will never be a true opera singer, she knows her voice, but she is not sure if that can be enough for him. Daniel reaches out and kisses her.

Sharon tells Jack that they need to talk, he can’t just fire Dean without her agreement. Jack calls him a liability and says he is antagonistic toward his staff. Sharon tells him if Dean goes, she goes, and she is serious. Jack says if he steps out of line again, there won’t be another chance.

Rose and Paula are both doing well.

Maggie goes to see Ben and tells him the longer they don’t speak the bigger divide becomes. He tells her she lied to him and she says she is sorry, but it was a stupid mistake and she doesn’t want to ruin the best thing that has ever happened to her, their love is stronger than this. Maggie leaves.


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