Chicago PD Recap 01/11/23: Season 10 Episode 11 “Long Lost”

Tonight on NBC their drama Chicago PD returns with an all-new Wednesday, January 11, 2022, season 10 episode 11 called, “Long Lost,” and we have your Chicago PD recap below. In tonight’s Chicago PD season, 10 episode 11 called, “Long Lost,“ as per the NBC synopsis“A shocking ambush at a funeral leads the team into a heated investigation to find the shooters. Much to Atwater’s surprise, he must rely on someone from his past to help in the investigation, dredging up old memories and revealing new truths.

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In tonight’s Chicago PD episode, Voight had his team monitor the funeral of a crime boss. He figured that a bunch of shot callers would show up for the funeral and he wasn’t wrong. They were all there. They were trying to make good with the family because everyone wanted the now deceased crime boss’s spot at the table.

They were later leaving the church when a car drove up and suddenly someone was shooting at people in the crowd. Several people got shot. The pastor got killed and so did Patrice Allen. Allen was an up-and-comer. He was on the shortlist to replace the man that died. The police figured he was the intended target all along and that the pastor died because of the bad luck of standing beside him.

But Detective Kevin Atwater noticed a familiar face at the funeral. He saw his dad right before the shooting occurred. His father thankfully wasn’t one of the injured. Plus, after the funeral, everyone was focusing on witnesses. The spoke to a little boy. The little boy said he was with the pastor right before the funeral.

Allen was also with them. Allen was getting into a fight with someone else and the pastor broke it up. The police looked into that fight. They believe that Allen was fighting someone else on the short list and so they had to look into the gang to see who else would want Allen out of the way.

They were also tracking down the car. They got footage of the car yet there was no image of who was inside of the car and so the police got lucky when they spotted a witness. The witness turned out to be Lewis Atwater. Voight went to his detective about it. He suggested that another cop get sent to question Lewis and Atwater didn’t want that.

He wanted to take his father’s statement himself. He tracked down his dad at a halfway house. Lewis was surprised to him. They lost touch when Lewis went to prison. It wasn’t long after that there was a problem with Atwater’s mom and so he basically raised his younger siblings. And Lewis did ask after them.

Atwater said that they were fine. Then, when they got down to what he saw that day, Lewis first tried to deny seeing anything. It wasn’t until they showed a video in which he saw inside the car that Lewis was willing to admit the shooter was black and young. Possibly in his early twenties.

Someone matching that description later showed up dead. They were killed at their house and their five-month-old baby was left crying on the floor. The baby was thankfully only dehydrated. The cops called the baby’s mother and she left work to come and collect him. But they were no closer to finding out who killed Allen and the pastor.

They however have a lead into the gang. It was Atwater’s dad. Lewis was protected when he was inside prison by a gang because he took the fall and so he had to repay them when he came out. Reed put Lewis on babysitting duty. Lewis would drive Reed’s kids to school.

He would even switch cars because Reed was paranoid about his children’s safety and so Reed was never a part of the life nor did he even want to stay on babysitting duty. He told Reed that he’d be gone after a month. He wanted to start over somewhere else. And so when he showed up with someone who wanted to work with Reed in the drug business, Reed became suspicious of Lewis.

Lewis’s man was in fact an undercover cop. It was Torres. Only Torres knew how to pretend to be a drug dealer and so they made a deal. Torres sold some bricks. He found out when drugs were being moved and the cops later showed up for the meeting. They sorta came in a little too early. They risked blowing Lewis’s cover, but thankfully it was safe and they did catch some guys with drugs. Albeit not the one they wanted to catch and so there was still some more work to do to find someone responsible for Allen’s death.

Afterward, Atwater confronted his father. He demanded to know why his father was involved with these people and Lewis said they needed the money. Lewis agreed to act as a getaway driver back in the day, but the cops never flipped him back then and so they pinned the whole crime on him. But then Lewis made it worse by not putting his own son on the visitor’s list to see him. He said that he didn’t want his boy to see him like that, but he was trying now. He was trying to fix things now and things between them can finally heal.


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