Fire Country Recap 03/03/23: Season 1 Episode 15 “False Promises”

Tonight on CBS their new show inspired by series Star Max Thieriot’s experiences Growing Up in Northern California Fire Country airs with an all-new Sunday, March 3, 2023, episode, and we have your Fire Country recap below.

On tonight’s Fire Country season 1 episode 15 called “False Promises,” as per the CBS synopsis, “A massive tree falls during a reforestation assignment, threatening Eve’s life and forcing Bode to step up and lead the rescue efforts.”

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Sharon’s surgery was going ahead. She was going to get a new kidney from Jake. Jake was like a son to her and his mom was a great friend. It was a happy situation all around. Her actual son wasn’t even mad. He gave Jake his blessing to go ahead with the surgery. Bode wanted his mom to live more than he wanted to save the day. He was in prison. He was going to be in prison for a while. It’s not like he could have donated a kidney himself anytime soon and so Jake was the next best thing. He knew Jake doesn’t drink in excess. And that Jake was in the prime of his life.

Bode wasn’t worried about surgery. Sharon wasn’t worried either. It was just Vince that was afraid. Vince kept wondering about the what if. What if something goes wrong during surgery? What if Sharon never wakes up during post-op? Vince couldn’t help thinking of those things and he hated that Sharon wasn’t thinking about them. Sharon was off making jokes. She was signing off on the paperwork for the surgery. She agreed not to sue if she dies. She also signed off the paperwork that explicitly said she doesn’t want to stay on a ventilator if something goes wrong.

Sharon had to watch her own father go through that. She watched as machines kept him alive long after the soul had left and she didn’t want that for herself. She also didn’t want to put Vince in a position where he has to decide when to take her off life support. But making jokes about it was a little too much for Vince. Vince was actually glad to get called into work. He was called to the docks. Gabriella was there. Manny was also there. Manny came in on a fishing boat and it turns out he was a deckhand on the boat.

Manny was in some money troubles. He was a gambling addict and he owed a lot of money. Luckily, he didn’t owe any to loan sharks. Except he did borrow from his friends and his own daughter. He was trying to pay off his debts by joining a fishing boat. He hadn’t told anyone about it and they didn’t know about it until they saw him on the boat. His daughter had really been worried he was gambling again. She even left a threatening message to cut him out of her life if he was gambling again. And then she saw him.

Then she wondered what the hell he was doing on that boat. She didn’t like that her father, who was a fire captain, was letting the boat’s owner talk to him any way he felt like and so she tried to tell him that he was better than this. He ended up telling her that he didn’t raise her to look down on a honest day’s work. He was working to get out of debt. He wasn’t doing this for fun. He just needed the extra money and Gabriella should be supportive of that. He wouldn’t have known anything about it too if another deckhand hadn’t caught his hand in the shredder.

Manny assisted the firefighters to help out his friend while he left his usual crew in Eve’s hands. Eve took over the fire camps and they were supposed to be doing some deforestation. The trees were unsafe because of a recent fire in the area. They were walking amongst rotting trees when one tree fell on Eve. Bode did his best to rescue her. To fully free her from the tree, Rebecca had to climb under the tree to get to Eve’s leg. Rebecca freed Eve. She also got hit when the tree moved. Rebecca’s life was in danger.

Rebecca was bleeding internally. They used up their only board on Eve and so Bode radioed it in. Bode got his mother. Sharon was delaying her surgery to navigate a rescue team for Bode. The helicopter couldn’t land because the trees were in the way. The tree that had fallen had only fallen because some other team had cut it and they hadn’t marked it. If they had, Eve would have stayed away from it. Rebecca wouldn’t have gotten hurt. Rebecca she realized she could die. She told Freddy she handed over his case to the Innocent Project. They were still reviewing it, but she thought he might get the chance to fight his case again.

The EMTS eventually got to them. Rebecca had lost consciousness by then. She started to code and unfortunately they lost her. Rebecca died. She had helped Bode to apply for a furlough prior to her accident. His furlough did come through. Which only reminded him of his lost. He lost a great friend when Rebecca died. He was tempted to do something stupid when he heard about the furlough and was told he could be with his mom during her surgery. And so Bode buried his pain to go be there for his mom.

Only the surgery never took place. Jake reacted badly to the anesthesia. He almost died. It was a miracle he didn’t. He now couldn’t be approved to do the surgery because of what happened and so Sharon has to wait for a new donor to get her kidney. And Sharon was tempted to just give up.

She didn’t want to get her hopes up again only to be disappointed and so she stopped telling jokes.

And Manny later learned he was a person of interest in an arson investigation.


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