Fire Country Recap 04/07/23: Season 1 Episode 18 “Off the Rails”

Tonight on CBS their new show inspired by series Star Max Thieriot’s experiences Growing Up in Northern California Fire Country airs with an all-new Friday, April 7, 2023, episode, and we have your Fire Country recap below.

On tonight’s Fire Country season 1 episode 18 called “Off the Rails,” as per the CBS synopsis, “The crews respond to the scene of a train crash where the rescue has the potential to spiral out of control when they discover the train is full of illicit cargo, and multi-platinum entertainer Kane Brown makes his acting debut as Robin, an enigmatic, modern-day train hopper who helps injured patients

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In tonight’s Fire Country episode, Manny received a job offer. He was attending his Gambling Anonymous meeting when he mentioned he was a firefighter and that caught someone’s attention. This someone was a woman. She was attractive. She waited until after the meeting to approach Manny and at first he thought she was flirting with him.

Which she was doing. She admitted as much and she also wanted mix business with pleasure. She offered him a job. She was the CEO of a concierge fire company. They were the people that the rich people called in to help protect their many vacation homes. They didn’t want to wait around to use the free firefighters in their area. They wanted someone to focus on only them because they felt they were special.

The regular regulated firefighters usually looked down on these concierge firefighters. They thought of them as glorified house sitters and Manny could have ignored the offer, but he was in debt.

He didn’t even have his own place. He was staying on his friends’ couch to save up on rent. He felt the only thing he had to look forward to was getting Bode released. He discussed in his meetings that he felt by doing so he would be able to finally pay back the Leones for all they’ve done for him.

Only this new job offer could help him pay off the actual debt. He also could pay back his daughter. He ruined her credit with his addiction and so he kinda owes it to her to pay off the debt he incurred in her name. Manny was thinking about that when the call came in. The call that reminded him that Bode could self-sabotage.

There was a train crash not far from the fire camp. The fire camp was the first to respond. Bode took control of the scene and he called it in after their CO passed out. The guy passed out at the first sight of a body. And Bode had full reign over the crew.

Bode followed protocol as they waited for backup. The train accident occurred because a party bus got stuck on the tracks. The bus was delivering a bunch of teenagers to their prom and they took a full head on impact from the train. Many died. The remaining kids were all injured. There was a girl with a broken leg.

There was a boy that had been impaled through his chest and he was still alert and talking as if he wasn’t defying science itself. It was a mess out there. Sharon sent everyone she could to the scene.

Sharon received an added benefit of having a doctor come with her. Jake’s mom was in town. Lilly had just found out her only child was investigated for arson and she’s wondering why her best friend didn’t tell her about it. Lilly reminded Sharon that Jake wasn’t like Bode. Neither she nor her son have the benefit of being able to walk away clean after an investigation. Even if the investigation proved them innocent. They were black. They were seen differently and this arson investigation was going to be held against Jake for the rest of his career.

Lilly came back to town to demand answers. After she heard back at the train accident, she decided to put aside her anger to treat the many victims. Lilly treated the teenagers and the conductor. The conductor admitted that he’s been accepting secret payment to look the other way as illicit cargo was being loaded on the trail. It was unfortunately jet fuel. It made the fires in the area that more problematic. Manny upon hearing that decided to call in a favor with his new CEO buddy and he got concierge firefighting’s many gadgets and toys to assist with the fire.

They got the teenagers back to the fire camp. There was a mysterious man that was riding the train. He disappeared once cops showed up and he handed his bag to Bode. Bode then handed the bag to Freddie. Bode also ignored a direct order from Manny because he was beginning to self-sabotage.

He claimed he wanted to save lives only he found out he has a parole hearing coming up in sixty days. He told his loved ones about it. He asked them not to get their hopes up because he’s already been turned down for parole once before and he thought it would happen again.

Manny has been where he’s been. He knows that those final days before a parole hearing was usually when people self-destruct because they didn’t think they deserved better.

Manny chose to stop Bode from doing that. He made sure that Bode stayed out of harm’s way. He even deliberately put himself in danger to ensure that Bode wouldn’t and, while he survived removing the fuel, he scared his daughter. Gabriella was so afraid of losing him that she got really mad at him. She couldn’t believe he would do something so stupid.

Manny got help from his buddy to save the day. He would go on to start a relationship with her and he ultimately turned down a job with her. He loves his current job. He was going to keep doing it.

Also, Lilly found out that Jake was in the same county as his half brother. She talked about it with him. She’s known about his brother all along. His dad never cheated on her. They were separated. They were just living in the same house to make things easier on Jake and so that changed Jake’s perception of his father.

Jake can now have a relationship with his brother without it hurting his wife. But he was still on the outs with the Leones. He also could see that Eve was coming apart at the seams and he warned Vince about it before it became a bigger issue.

Vince decided to give Eve time off to heal after a year of trauma and hopefully she’ll start feeling better.


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