The Blacklist Recap 06/01/23: Season 10 Episode 15 “The Hat Trick”

Tonight on NBC their hit drama The Blacklist starring James Spader airs with an all-new time-slow Sunday, June 1, 2023, episode and we have your The Blacklist recap below. On tonight’s The Blacklist Season 10, episode 15 called, “The Hat Trick” as per the NBC synopsis,

“In an effort to prove their worth to Congressman Hudson, Red provides The Task Force with three criminal cases that are deeper than they appear. Ressler helps a friend make amends.”

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Tonight’s The Blacklist episode begins with Reddington, he is walking down the street when he sees a penny on the ground, and almost gets hit by a truck to pick it up. A passerby asks him what he is doing and Red says “heads, good fortune.”

Ressler is in the car with a friend he met at his group therapy session. Ressler encourages him to call his wife, make amends with her because he hurt her the most. He says ok, he will invite her to lunch, the meal with the fewest expectations.

Red is with Cooper who is happy that they can sit and talk now. Red says they don’t have their go between, Siya, he was sorry to see her return to the post office, he enjoyed travelling with her. Cooper tells him they need cases, Panabaker let him know that Hudson has recruited a powerful ally, Senator Dorfman and now he is starting to ask questions. Red says he will take care of Hudson. Red says the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, or now and lucky for Cooper, he has three seedlings.

The first is the tragedy of the Wexford fertility clinic, the temperature went down and they lost a lot of embryos. If the clinic is to blame for the losses it is one thing, but he doesn’t think so. Cooper takes it to the task force and tells them that Red thinks the clinic was targeted by a sophisticated hacker.

The second case is a complicated killer, three people died in the hospital all while undergoing treatment, Red thinks they were visited by a so-called angel of mercy and their deaths were not natural causes. A doctor or nurse who intentionally killed their patients. He thinks it is an angel of death that is stalking one of DC’s most prominent hospital.

The third case is where trust is betrayed, a confidential settlement in a worker injury case, Red is interested in the lawyer who settled the suit, Rebecca Anders, respected personal injury lawyer. Red thinks she is stealing from her clients.

Siya wonders why he is giving them three cases, Cooper tells her not to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Ressler goes to see Anders most recent client, Clive Lewis, he is in a wheelchair because his boss didn’t want to pay a few extra bucks, he has nothing but good to say about Anders. He got a million dollar settlement because of her. Cooper says that he got 3 1/2 million, they are just getting started with the discrepancies in the settlements.

Dembe and Siya go to the Wexford Fertility Clinic, Sandy Roberts tells them they brought on Alexander Addabbo to manage their security. Sandy says they lost power in a storm, their backup generator failed. The units that tell them that the termperature is going down, also failed. By the time they knew something was wrong, it was too late. Siya wants to see a list of patients, to see why they were targeted.

Ressler speaks to Anders, she tells him that Clive Lewis signed an NDA, he shouldn’t be talking. Ressler tells her that they know about the difference in money. Ressler says she robbed her clients blind and they want to know who she is funnelling that money to, its not a matter of if she is going to prison, it is about how long. She admits she took the money to put her kids through private school, vacations and a country home. She was funding her lifestyle. Siya thinks it is too open and shut for a Reddington case. Cooper tells the task force to keep working.

Elsewhere, we see red, he is sneaking into an office, actually it is Hudson’s office. He goes to the file cabinet, it is locked, but then he finds the key and opens it up. Inside he finds a file with pictures of a woman, and Red says, “Congressman Hudson, who do you have your eye on.”

Siya finds out that the attacker on the Wexford Fertility Clinic did it remotely, but not through unauthorized means. They went through a back door, it is time he access point companies put in for regular maintenance. This the work of a very talented hacker with even more resources than the FBI, or somebody already in the system. The company that maintains the server is Addabbo Comtech, Alexander Addabbo is the CEO and founder, and he and his wife had emryios destroyed in the attack. He was the attacker or th target.

Ressler gets a call from his friend from the group, he couldn’t meet with his wife, he ran away. Ressler says he can’t do it for him, he has to do it for himself. Ressler tries to encourage him further.

Herbie says they have to find out how the three patients died, he got the medical records from the three victims. They were hospitalized for three very different reasons, cancer, hip surgery and appendicitis. But they all died the same way, cardiac arrest. Their autopsies had no foul play. The secondary cause of death was blank, and the one thing remarkable is that they were all given potassium chloride, to much too quick and your heart goes bananas.

Red goes to see the PI that Hudson is using, to get the photos of the woman, Red wants to know who she is. The guy won’t say, and Red tells him that he could do something nice for his son in return, or for him and his wife, or screw it, Red pulls out his gun and asks again who is the girl. She is Abby Rider, when he found her she got into a bad scene, arrested a few times, they add up, she was in with the wrong crowd.

Herbie found something similar in the three patients who died, Dawn Jacobus, she is floater nurse, she doesn’t have a speciality, she just fills in where she is needed.

Ressler heads to the hospital to speak to Jacobus, they find her with a patient.

Siya and Dembe goes to speak to Mr. And Mrs. Adabbo. Siya tells them they feel like some deliberately attacked the clinic. He can’t think of anyone. His wife calls someone to the conference room, it is their son, Todd Wagner, he brought in his father’s company to do the security. Dembe says he is the one who attacked the clinic, he had a key to the back door and didn’t expect the FBI to come knocking. Todd says he is not going to split half of everything he worked for with an embryo in a petrie dish that his father has with his bimbo wife that is younger than he is.

Cooper calls Red, the crooked lawyer is probably making bail as they speak, the suspect in the IVF case is on his way to central booking, and they are about to interrogate the angel of mercy, the cases were not that hard to solve. Red hangs up, a woman, Abby Rider walks up anxious, she missed her bus.

Ressler is interrogating Nurse Jacobus, she is shocked that he thinks she killed her own patients. Herbie interrupts, they may have jumped the gun. The bags of liquid potassium come pre-mixed from a company called Kolbeck Medical Solutions, someone messed up, a manufacturing error.

Red is with Abby Rider, ehe tells her that she looks like she is freezing, then he mentions Congressman Hudson, she says she doesn’t follow politics. He comes right out and asks how she knows him, she says he ruined her life. She was 12 when her parents got convicted, whatever they had went to the lawyers. Her mom got 11 years, her dad got 20. She lived with her grandmother for a while, but she died. Then, these packages would show up at whatever home she was at, clothes, whatever she needed, until she was 18. Eight years ago, Hudson put her parents in prison, but he didn’t think she should be punished too, so he took care of her. But when she aged out, he didn’t know where she was, he was looking for her to help her. Things are not perfect, she is just trying to make a life, a better one. He wasn’t expecting to hear that.

Ressler goes to see the executives Kolbeck regarding the fatal doses of potassium. Siya walks in and says she found out that they shut down for a month after the tainted IV bags went out. Matt Walden, the product standards manager says there must have been some confusion, it was just regular scheduled maintenance. Ressler says if hey find out that they knew their products were tainted and they didn’t order a recall, everyone will answer to the FBI. They leave and Walden corners them, he tells them to guarantee his immunity and he will blow this thing wide open, Ressler nods. The CEO knew everything and wouldn’t agree to a recall because of the cost to the company.

Dembe says the criminals Red gave them certainly don’t meet the level of the task force. Ressler remembers a photo that Todd Wagner was in at a charity gala, the lawyer who stole her clients money and the CEO of Kolbeck are also in the photo. Cooper says the real investigation has just begun.

Cooper goes to met with the charity, she prepared him a binder of their major donors. There is one large donor and she won’t mention his name, he is about to give another large donation and she doesn’t want to risk it. He tells her that he already filed a subpoena, she gives it to him, Steve Woman, he is going to take Wild Society into the next century if he honours his pledge.

Ressler gets a call from his friend, he finally spoke to his wife, he thanks Ressler for helping him.

Dembe stops by to see Red who says somethings with Hudson are best to be left alone. After what Red heard about Hudson, he would vote for him. Dembe says Wild Society is a nobel cause but. Red thinks about Agenes has lost and what will be here when she is older. He is hoping his git will slow down the clock so Agnes can enjoy what the world has to offer. Dembe says let week he was selling his positions and now he is donating half his wealth, Red says it is just money. The three blacklisters had money, respect and power, they threw it all away for one more dollar. Dembe asks him if everything is ok, Red says he is fine.


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