The Blacklist Recap 06/08/23: Season 10 Episode 17 “The Morgana Logistics Corporation”

Tonight on NBC their hit drama The Blacklist starring James Spader airs with an all-new time-slow Sunday, June 8, 2023, episode and we have your The Blacklist recap below. On tonight’s The Blacklist Season 10, episode 17 called, “The Morgana Logistics Corporation” as per the NBC synopsis,

“The Task Force encounters a ring of fraudulent companies shipping contraband around the world. Congressman Hudson’s investigation escalates when he recruits help from within the FBI.”

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Tonight’s The Blacklist episode begins with Reddington, he is sleeping when he is startled by a visitor. Weecha. She tells him he needs a bodyguard, he says he wants a girlfriend. She takes off her jacket, kisses him and says good luck with that.

Red, aka Pinky, stops by to see Agnus and brings her ballet slippers, she tells him they are beautiful. Cooper asks Red if he is sleeping ok, Red says he had an intruder, but he came out on top in the end. Red asks if he can loan him Dembe for a few days until finds security for himself. Cooper tells him he looked into the ship he was asking about, it is owned by Transwick International, their manifest looks clean, no red flags.

Red says that is the point. What nobody knows is what is hidden amongst those eleven thousand containers are two that are most certainly not what they appear to be. The company is called Enteron Electronics, a mid-size tech firm located in Florida. It’s a careful, curated phantom company. And who could do that on that scale, their new blacklister, the Morgana Logistics Corporation. A criminal concern that specializes in making companies appear legitimate.

Transwick and Enteron are only two of thousands of Morgana’s creations. Morgan secures authentic documentation from the government and manufacture identities for employees and management. If the task force takes down Morgana, they will take down one of the biggest criminal enterprises in the United States.

Cooper update the task force, Dembe is with Red, filling in until he gets security. He then updates them on Morgana. Cooper tells Malik and Ressler to get to the port, he will get a search warrant for the containers.

Congressman Arthur Hudson is not giving up, he is meeting with Jordan Nixon, a special agent from the bureau, Hudson calls him a bloodhound. Hudson tells him about the task force, it is one of the biggest expenditures the government has sanctioned and he can’t find out anything about them. Nixon says maybe there is a good reason. Hudson wants a reasonable amount of transparency. He had Dorf helping him, but they leveraged him. Nixon is in.

At the port, Ressler gives the order to crack a few crates. The first one has French Bordeaux, contraband.

Back at the post office Malik tells Cooper they know Enteron has been distrubuting contraband across the county, of what and how much is still under question. A little more digging into the company, all the executives photos are fake, but Herbie finds the accountant who did their taxes and Cooper tells Malik to go see him.

The accountant, Mr. Conklin, says Entreon is real, he has b been doing their taxes for years. She says they raided their Tampa Bay office and it was empty, no employees. Conklin says he just had dinner with Roger Barrett, the VP of East Coast operations at Jaspiner, a restaurant. A little more digging and the task force is able to track down the dinner receipt, Barrett used a credit card, but not from Enteron, from Northmyer incorporated, and they have a building address in DC. Cooper sends Ressler and Malik to check it out

Dembe checked he perimeter, he tells Red it was clear. Dembe asks about the intruder the night before, he tells him to guess and he can’t, Red tells him he is out of guesses. Red tells him to beat him at a game of banana grams and he will tell him.

Ressler and Malik storm into Northmyer with a swat team, a warehouse that has only one man inside, but lots of desks, filing cabinets, the rest of the staff is not there. Herbie says the place is a gold mine, the place was used as a data centre for creating fake American companies. Herbie says it is going to take forever to figure out which ones are real and which are fake, there are tens of thousands of company files. Malik and Ressler look at map on a wall, Morgana might be the largest criminal enterprise, they have shipping routes all throughout the country.

Ressler has the man who they found at Northmyer in custody, he won’t give his name, but he was carrying a licence for a an named Gerome Kavanugh with an address in Bethesda, but there seems to be no such person or address, he is a phantom like the companies he creates. Ressler tells him he doesn’t need a name to go to prison. And, Ressler tells him that his boss is going to come after him no matter what. He won’t answer any questions and just wants to go to central booking.

Red loss the game, he tells Dembe that Weecha was his visitor. Dembe says that Weecha is not an intruder. Red gets a ring at the door, it is Andrea Athens, he calls her a Jack of all trades. She asks him how she can help. He wants to throw a party, lots of drinks and passable, between 25 and 30 people, an important group to him. Red gets a call from Cooper who tells him that they have made progress, a mountain of evidence. They only have one arrest to show for it, the place was empty except for him, he won’t tell his name. Red says to send him what they have, he will find out who he is.

Nixon goes back to see Hudson, he tells him that the task force is a mystery to the agency as well. He has a lead and Nixon was a thread, something to shed some light on what Cooper is up to.

Red calls Cooper, the man in custody is Henri Guillaume, and so on and so on – he is about a dozen people, so they really don’t know who he is. There are about ten different passports with his picture and different names and places on them.

Hudson goes to see Shaeffer where he is having lunch at a restaurant, slides an envelope to him and tells him it is a surprise. A classified proceeding attended by four assistant directors of the FBI. Schaeffar says he is ruining his pastrami sandwich. Hudson says he is launching an investigation. Schaeffer basically tells him he wants nothing to do with this and if he doesn’t back off, he is going to be hearing from the Attorney General. Hudson leaves, Schaeffar opens the envelope, and there is nothing but blank paper inside.

Herbie tracked the comings and goings of the passports the phantom used, they have all one thing in common, Paris, maybe that is his home base. The find a match, the phantom would go to a building of a company names LT&Z unlimited, their are armed guards protecting the perimeter.

Paris, Ressler, Malik and a team storm into LT&Z Unlimited, there is nobody there, someone warned them, but they didn’t take anything, there are computers and papers everywhere.

Cooper calls Red and tells him that this may be the biggest case he has ever given them, the warehouse in Paris seems to be the hub. The digital maps they found shows them where all their outposts are located. The phantom was taking to central booking and judged issued an obscene amount of bail.

Red drops Dembe off, but first Dembe asks why he wanted him to tag along. Red says Cooper was worried about him and he wanted to spend time with him. Dembe says he misses him too.

Red calls Helen Swinson, he tells the councler he needs her services, she has a new client, he was just arraigned in court and he wants him out, today. And, they are going to need an obscene amount of money for bail.

Cooper gets a call, the phantom suspect made bail, 3 million in cash.

As he phantom suspect is leaving jail, Red is there and tells him to get in the car. Red brings him to a party of sorts, it is the Morgana Logistics Corporation, Red tells him to grab himself a drink. Red thanks everyone for coming, he says the FBI are shutting down all of Morgana, but all their employees are safe. He knew about the raids in advance and made provisions for them and all the ones at the party. Of all the enterprises he has designed and maintained as part of his organization, Morgana is stands as one of the crowing achievements.

It is a logistical marvel to rival the pyramids, a wonder of the world, but one designed to be hidden. The most complex and sophisticated shipping network in history. Every year moving more goods than the GDP than some first world countries. He tells them that it is hard to believe that it is over, all these years, it was more than enterprise, it was their lives and he is honoured to have stood beside them all as they discovered this creation of theirs together. They made a fortune, one that he has grown and will be sharing with them, his partners, nobody will have to work again. He tells them to celebrate, enjoy the food and the drinks, and the entertainment.

Hudson knows about Dembe, he has a photo of him out side a car, with Reddinton in it. An associate of Raymond Reddington became a member of the task force. He also knows about Keen, Agnes, Ressler. All roads lead to Reddington.


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