The Good Doctor Recap 03/06/23: Season 6 Episode 14 “Old Friends”

Tonight on NBC their new medical drama “The Good Doctor” airs with an all-new Monday, March 6, 2023, episode and we have you The Good Doctor recap below. In tonight’s The Good Doctor season 6 episode, 14 called, “Old Friends,” as per the ABC synopsis, “Dr. Jared Kalu (Chuku Modu) makes a surprise return to San Jose’s St. Bonaventure Hospital with his billionaire patient. Meanwhile, Park must treat the man his wife had an affair with and try to find a way to forgive him.”

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Tonight’s The Good Doctor episode begins with Lea trying to put her jeans on and she can’t. She goes in to the kitchen and Shuan is thrilled that she is wearing the maternity jeans that he bought her.

Elsewhere, Morgan took a pregnancy test and it is negative.

In emergency there is a code gold and Asher asks Marcus if it is Taylor Swift. It is Dr. Jared Kalu and a famous billionaire, Roland. The patient is getting an MRI and Asher asks Jared how does one go from St. Bon’s resident to conceirge doctor to the fifth richest man in the world.

Jared says he was at a fundraiser and the patients wife had an allergic reaction to nutmeg, he gave her an epipen, Roland hired him that night. Jared brought Roland there because of Shaun.

Morgan is with a patient, she is doing an ultrasound. Morgan tells her that her amniotic fluid is low they should admit her for testing.

Daniel gives Alex a file and says that the patient wanted to see him. Alex looks at the patient and asks him why he is there, the man says he is drying.

Shaun tells Roland what they are going to do, Marcus sys he will be overseeing his care every step of the way. Roland wants jared in the OR, Marcus says ok, he will take care of it.

Daniel asks Alex what is going on between him the patient. Alex says he slept with his wife. Daniel shows Alex scans from six months ago and today, they see that the patient’s diagnoses is wrong.

Roland is in surgery, Marcus is performing, Jared is watching and Marcus asks if he wants to put in the screws, he says yes. Shaun asks Marcus why he is being polite to Jared after he fired him, is he looking for a donation from Roland. Then, all of a sudden, Roland goes into distress, its all hands on deck.

Roland is going to be ok, Shaun asks Jared why he stopped being a surgeon. Jared’s girlfriend Dalia walks in and Shaun says he saw her on the bus, in a perfume ad.

Morgan and Jordan go in to see Audrey about the pregnant patient, Sonia, Morgan says it is a premature rupture of the membraines, they should terminate before an infection sets in. Jordan says that antibiotics can work, it has before, but Morgan says it is rate. Audrey says Morgan is right, but be clear to the patient about the options.

Shaun wants Lea to get rid of her car, he says it is not safe for the baby. She says there are too many memories in it, she wants to keep it, so they decide to keep it, but they still need a family vehicle.

Morgan and Jordan speak to Sonia and her husband, tell her everything. Sonia asks Jordan what she would do, Jordan says she would pray on it. Then, Jordan says she would try to save the baby. Sonia tells her husband that they have to fight for their Esther.

Daniel tells Alex’s patient they need to get a detailed biopsy, Alex wants to refer him somewhere else. The patient says looking back at his life, he doesn’t like the view, he hurt a lot of people. The reason he chose this hospital is because he was looking for forgiveness.

Shaun goes in to see Roland and tells him his heart is elevated, has he been exerting himself. Then he sees clothes under the bed and Dalia comes out of the bathroom in a towel, Roland says she did the exerting. Then, Roland starts to go into distress.

Shaun calls Roland into his office and tells him to sit down. He says Dalia was there, naked, they were having sex. Jared tells him that he and Dalia are not together, he fakes it so Roland can be with him and his wife doesn’t know about it. Shaun asks him if it bothers him to lie a lot. Jared says it is a great job, Roland saw something in him, valued him. And, he doesn’t mind flying private or meeting the queen.

Alex stayed on the case, he takes his obligation seriously, they do the biopsy.

Lea is out with Aaron, she tells him about her car, its not safe for a baby, but it is cool. Soon she will be another 30 something mom with a practical car with spit up on her shirt. She wonders how she can want this baby so badly but be icked out so much.

Sonia has a fever, Morgan tells her that this is the infection that they were worried about. They need to terminate now, her life is in danger and the longer the baby is in there, she will keep getting sicker. Her husband tells her they can get through this, they can try again. Sonia says no. Morgan tells her that the baby needs two more week and in that time, she will probably die.

Roland’s seizure was not caused because of his heart.

Jared tells Shaun that there is something different about Roland, he didn’t mind Dalia going downtown with her friends, and he is usually over possessive.

Lea is home, Aaron is getting stadium seats delivered, he bought them from a broker.

Alex tells his patient that they just need to remove something from his liver and he will be cancer free, he is not dying.

Sonia is in a coma, she will likely not survive and neither will the baby. The only way to save Sonia is to terminate the pregnancy now. Her husband will not do it, he tells Morgan that he has do what Sonia wanted.

Shaun tells Roland that he believes that a worm laid eggs, larva, in his skull. Roland is so impressed that he tells Marcus that he will donate 100 million dollars. Shaun says they cannot accept it because he is not medically approved to make that decision and Marcus looks like he is going faint.

Jordan turned off Sonia’s sedation, she is awake. She tells her that she needs to talk to her but she needs to keep the tube. Jordan says when she was 18 she had an abortion. Every time she sees a kid she wonders what kind of kid they would have been and what kind of mother she would have been.

She believes the God picked Sonia to be a mother, but her Esther is not developed enough to survive outside the womb. She told her she would try to save the baby, she prayed for a miracle and it didn’t happen. The only way for her to be the mom that God wants her to be is to let Esther go. Jordan gives her a consent form and asks her to please sign it. Sonia signs it and asks Jordan to do the procedure. She says yes.

Alex goes in to see his patient after surgery and tell shim that his prognosis is excellent and he forgives him.

Jared decides to return working at the hospital, Shaun is thrilled.

Sonia is out of surgery, her husband is there and he shows her a Tatoo that he got with Esther’s name and a rainbow, he tells her that Esther will always be with him.

Shaun is excited to see that Aaron and Lea got a family vehicle, but it is painted like her car and they are all excited.

Roland brings a cheque into Marcus who is smiling, Roland tears it up and says this is what happens when you poach his employees.

Shaun is at home, there is a knock at the door, he is served, he is being sued for mal practice.


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