David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson To Announce Relationship

David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson To Announce Relationship

We are so excited to report that David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are making a super special announcement on Sunday. Are they finally going to come out as a couple and make their fans rejoice?

We have been waiting and waiting for David and Gillian to finally announce what we’ve known for all of this time. They are in love with each other and have been living together, of course. All of their fans want it to happen and now we’re getting teased with this big announcement!

A charity by the name of IBGInc. has been toying with Gillian and David’s fans by taking to Twitter to get us all anxious about this big announcement regarding the couple. They are finally going to let us all in on their not-so-little secret and we cannot wait!

Fans of the “X Files” couple are already excited to learn of what all of the fuss is about! Of course, we are, as well. We think that it’s high time that they finally reveal their undying love for one another already. It has been pretty obvious, hasn’t it?

Perhaps Gillian doesn’t mind that David has a problem with his sex addiction. We know we wouldn’t! David Duchovny is freakin’ hot. Still, we are waiting with baited breath for Monday’s announcement. Let us know what you think the big reveal is going to be about!

Photo Credit: Babble