Annemarie Fraser is Robyn’s (CBL) mother and the owner of Celeb Dirty Laundry and engaged to Jody Overland.  Annemarie is a former University professor and is now retired.  She enjoys traveling and genealogy and is anxiously awaiting her first grandchild.  “I’m pretty, but I’m not beautiful. I sin, but I’m not the devil. I’m good, but I’m not an angel.” -Marilyn Monroe – E-mail: info@cdlblogfamily.com

Dr. Jody Overland – What you need to know about me is that I think our job here at CDL is to entertain.  First learn to read, then learn to read between the lines.

Robyn-pic-writerRobyn Good is the owner of  Celeb Baby Laundry.   She has BA with a major in Poli-Sci and a minor in History.  She’s enrolled in a Master’s program in Art History and travels in Europe extensively.   She enjoys celebrity research, editorial journalism, art, fashion, & gourmet cooking.

I love my family and Daniel. I love art. I am particularly interested in Renaissance and 19th century painting and architecture. I love Italy.

Nicholas SanfordNick Sanford is excited to be writing for Celeb Dirty Laundry! He’s thrilled that he found an outlet where it is more than appropriate–and encouraged–to comment on the ridiculous happenings of celebrities and their high-functioning lives.

He comes to Celeb Dirty Laundry with one mission: to stealthily kick Perez Hilton out of the celeb gossip throne and help the entire world see that Robyn Good’s blog is THE ONLY place to come for juicy celeb/entertainment news. He will achieve these goals through extensive Jedi mind tricks and elaborate spells cast in a Harry Potter-esque fashion.

Nick is a prolific eater of skittles (except the purple ones, they’re an abomination to the candy industry), a college student, and a writer who one day hopes to publish one of those young adult novels filled with a whole bunch of paranormal creatures and magic. He also believes writing biographies about himself in the third person is extremely awkward.  Enjoy all of our hanging laundry!


Bobby Fischer is a 20-something part-time gas station attendant and part-time professional writer.  Born in the Texas Panhandle, Bobby worked on a cattle ranch after dropping out of high school.  An autodidact, Bobby studied some history and literature before moving to the big city.  Bobby’s favorite things are American and British Literature, Semiotics, Sociobiology, and Powerlifting.

Dorothy Gale – is a Kansas farm girl who lives with her Aunt Em, Uncle Henry and three farm hands, Hickory, Hunk and Zeke.  In Dorothy’s spare time while she is not fighting with the Wicked Witch of The West she devours Celebrity Gossip and brings it to you down the yellow brick road.


Renier Palland– Growing up in South Africa, Renier has always been inspired by the beauty of his country and the stories of his nation. A proud South African, Renier has a penchant for doing things out of the ordinary, never quite following the rules of life.  Renier is a scientific dreamer. He enjoys writing, poetry, film and art and splices it all together with a big dollop of quantum physics, quantum paradoxes and the secrets of the Universe.  Renier is quirky, awkward, vegetarian, slightly crazy, spiritual, a massive film boffin, animal lover, cat obsessed, amateur astronomer, celebrity enthusiast, reality t.v. boffin, Gleek, Zombie Apocalypse planner and an Agony Aunt for every person who meets him.

Kristine Francis – Living in NYC has accustomed Kristine to the unexpected but as in life and with her writing – If she sees it then you know she has to share it.  With more than a fair share of love for gossip this Brooklynite is all too glad to have found a place here at CDL. Although, known for her humorous sarcasm and (even she’ll admit) brutal honesty, writing appears to be a good fit for someone who believes in sharing is caring. On a side note: This isn’t anything like Hannah from Girls! Kristine is not willing to share that much!

Caryn Doti Chavez – has been writing for years. She has two published children’s books, and has authored everything from poetry to personnel manuals. She has quite a bit on her plate, but has always enjoyed and made time for catching up on celeb gossip in the free time she has. With her love of reading celeb news and her passion for writing, this is her dream role! She can usually be found at home with her family (her husband, daughter, four chihuahuas, a cat, and two hamsters!) or at a Barnes and Noble. A true night owl…she lives on strong coffee!

Yellow J – Yellow J is a new contributor to CDL and he loves reporting all the news that is both fit and not quite to print.  A bit of an anarchist, Yellow J sees his role as getting information out to the on-line world and then letting his readers sort it all out to their satisfaction.  He knows that what starts out life as mere rumor or gossip often winds up as cold hard fact.  In other words, Yellow J believes that where there is smoke there is fire.  Yellow J always cites his sources and never makes things up just to be sensational.

Kat E“Kat E” is a moniker not too far removed from reality for a girl from Oakland, California. As a recent law school graduate procrastinating on taking the bar, fate has found her in a position to live out the long held fantasy to start blogging. A long observer of the stars, Kat E is intrigued by watching how celebrity personalities balance their personal lives in the spotlight of the public eye. She loves opening dialogue and discourse based upon observations of celebrity behavior because she feels it has learning value for all involved through reading, writing, commenting, and etcetera. She also is mom to an amazing eleven year daughter that no matter how tall she gets, Kat E will always call her “mama’s little poot.”