Miranda Lambert Dropped 30 Pounds to Keep Blake Shelton’s Desire Alive


I’m sure by now you guys have noticed something different about Miranda Lambert, right? The country star appears to have dropped 30 pounds nearly overnight. As recently as mid-October she was seen out and about looking like she was carrying some extra weight and now within a few short weeks, it’s all gone. According to the Dec. 9th print edition of National Enquirer Miranda is rumored to have undergone a stomach stapling procedure to get skinny fast. While Miranda is claiming that good old fashioned portion control and exercise are behind her fast slim-down, those close to her are more than a little suspicious especially since in the past she has refused to give up her drinks and has talked honestly about hating to work out.

Regardless of what desperate measures Miranda took to drop the weight, the motivation behind it is likely pretty obvious. Her husband, Blake Shelton was once again recently spotted getting a little too touchy feely with a much younger woman, one that looks like a thinner version of Miranda. Her husband clearly has a type and Miranda must have realized that she’s simply not fitting the mold anymore.

In order to keep Blake’s eyes and attention on her Miranda knew that she better do something serious and so she has opted to morph herself into his ideal. Do you think that a new and improved version of Miranda will keep Blake from straying or is he just incapable of being loyal to anyone, especially his wife? Is this one of those Hollywood marriage’s that is just destined to ultimately fail? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Photo Credit: ABC Media