Raising Asia Recap 7/29/14: Season 1 Premiere “The Lion Tamer and the Tiger Mom”

Raising Asia Recap 7/29/14: Season 1 Premiere “The Lion Tamer and the Tiger Mom”

Tonight on Lifetime, RAISING ASIA airs it’s all new premiere episode. On tonight’s show, called “The Lion Tamer and the Tiger Mom,” this reality series follows child dance prodigy Asia Monet Ray and her mother Kristie. In the opener, the Ray family question the suitability of the choreography at an important performance at World of Dance.

For those of you not familiar with the show, Child prodigy Asia Monet Ray is no stranger to the spotlight and her loyal fan base eagerly follows her every career move.

On tonight’s episode The Ray family revolves around eight-year old daughter Asia’s rising star, and this week there’s a huge performance at World of Dance on the line. Questions about the suitability of the choreography put the entire performance in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Asia’s parents struggle with their own balancing act.

Tonight’s premiere episode is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Lifetime’s Raising Asia tonight at 10PM EST! In the meantime, sound out in the comments below and tell us what you think about this new show.

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page for Updates

Tonight’s series premiere of Raising Asia begins with an introduction of the Ray Family. You most likely remember Kristie and Asia from their stint on Lifetime’s popular reality series Dance Moms, and her parents Kristie and Shawn are body builders and fitness models.

Asia and her sister Bella head to the breakfast table where their parents are arguing over how much protein they should be eating in the morning. Kristie reveals that Asia will be busy the rest of the week because she has to perform at World of Dance on Saturday. Kristie and Asia head off to meet her choreographer Anthony Burrell to prepare for World of Dance. Meanwhile Shawn spends the day with Bella, which is the norm. Even five year old Bella says that she is always with her Dad, and Kristie takes care of Asia.

Asia and her mom meet up with their choreographer Anthony. He has a number prepared for Asia and reveals that she will be dancing with four grown men in a cage, and she will be hitting the cage with a whip. Kristie thinks it’s a great idea. Anthony thinks that Asia is the “next Beyonce” and she needs more fierce choreography. He says Asia isn’t Disney princess material. Asia begins rehearsing the new dance that Anthony is teaching her.

The next day Anthony and Kristie head to the seamstress to get fitted for her costume for World of Dance. Kristie is stressed because she thinks that the train on Asia’s costume is too long, but Anthony actually wants it to be longer. Meanwhile, Shawn takes Bella to her gymnastics practice. He confesses that he is concerned that later in life Bella and Kristie aren’t going to have a good relationship because Kristie is always with Asia.

Anthony introduces Asia to her four back-up dancers at the studio, and they begin rehearsing together. Kristie is on the verge of a breakdown though because Asia isn’t getting the routine, the cage still hasn’t arrived, and Asia’s costume still isn’t done. Anthony is lecturing Asia that she needs to get the routine down, because they are running out of time. Kristie lectures Asia and Anthony and tells them that if the routine isn’t down and the props don’t arrive, she is going to pull the plug on the World of Dance performance.

The Ray Family sits down for dinner, and while they are cooking, Shawn lectures Kristie about making time for Bella in her schedule. After dinner Kristie argues with the camera crew about where they are going to shoot a scene. She is sick of them changing things around in her house, and having her house “look like crap on tv.”

It’s finally time for the World of Dance showcase, Asia arrives in the morning with her Mom and Anthony. They find the stage backstage, and Kristie is relieved that it showed up on time. Anthony rushes Asia and her back-up dancers on stage with the cage. While they are rehearsing, the World of Dance producers see Asia’s routine and are not happy. They think that the song is inappropriate for her age and the whip she is using in her routine is too risqué.

World of Dance allows Asia to take the stage, and Kristie runs out to the audience to watch with Shawn, Bella, and Asia’s manager. Asia pulls off the risqué performance without any glitches, and Kristie admits she was wrong and Anthony was right, the dance was a success. Afterwards, Shawn and the rest of the family heads backstage to congratulate her. Asia’s manager Billy comes backstage, and he wasn’t happy with the performance, he thinks Asia was “too timid.” He also thought that the whip ad the costume were “too mature.” Billy and Anthony begin arguing, and says that he sees Asia more than her Dad, and Shawn pipes up. He thinks that was off base and he has been trying to spend more family time with Kristie and Asia.

The Ray Family heads home after World of Dance, and Kristie sits down with Bella. Shawn announces to Bella that she is going to have to start spending more time her mom, Bella argues that Kristie isn’t fun. They all sit down on the couch and begin taking pictures with each other for Facebook.


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  • concerned parent

    I think it’s so disturbing that an 8 year old little girl is being pimped by their own parent. That dance routine was not for a 8 year old child,that was solicitation for the red light district. The mother and dance instructor both want fame, there’s nothing wrong with pushing the career of your child but there are limits. I feel the mother has a thirst for fame and her daughter is the glass of money tea.My opinion is that your a poor excuse and let her be a child,that’s 8 your pathetic!

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  • MSMerri

    I agree with other comments that Asia is being raised to be an insufferable brat! What some might interpret as confidence is actually narcissism that is quickly getting out of control. Asia is being taught that the world revolves around her and she should expect and accept nothing less.
    It is way past time for Shawn to step up and lead his family out of this mess. That’s his job and I really think he knows that. He has allowed Kristy to run her agenda of living vicariously thru Asia and using her as a meal ticket.
    Get this brat off of tv and give her a normal childhood before she becomes another child star with serious problems! Please!