‘90210’ Debuts: A Big Yawn!

So who watched 90210 lst night?  Was everyone as disappointed as I was?  I guess we should have all known better, all the hype, keeping the show under wraps, advertising it to death.  90210 came off last night like nothing special, just another run of the mill teen show. The best best addition to the show is Annie’s grandmother played by Jessica Walter.

But this should have been no surprise to any fan of her bygone comedy “Arrested Development,” in which she stole every scene. Jessica play Tabitha, a boozy faded actress whose comic outrageousness could put any other character to shame.

“I need to finish my memoirs before my friend Virginia does,” she declares at one point. “We slept with all the same people.”

If the show last more than one season I will be surprised!  Sadly they were unable to capture the essence of the original.

One response to “‘90210’ Debuts: A Big Yawn!”

  1. blaugrau says:

    I don’t think they have the original 90210s success. We have already the 90210 version of the decade: the hills. The plot is basically the same, but with a reality tv twist. So 2000!