Another Of Jesse James’ Mistresses Apologised To Sandra Bullock

Stripper Melissa Smith – who claims to have had an affair with the motorcycle entrepreneur after meeting online via her MySpace page – sent a fax to the Oscar-winning actress saying she was sorry for the pain and hurt she had caused.

A copy of the document obtained by website TMZ shows Melissa wrote:

"I felt I needed to reach out to you and tell you how deeply sorry I am for everything that you’ve been through.  "And I know nothing I can say in this letter is going to make the pain of my actions go away.   "I am sorry for any hurt or pain that I have caused you. My actions of engaging with a married man are unforgivable. I never meant you any harm.  "I compromised my beliefs on several occasions and as a result will never forgive myself."   Melissa then told Sandra she would welcome her getting in touch, adding: "Please contact me if you wish to discuss on the phone or in person."  

Melissa is not the first of Jesse’s reported extra-marital lovers to have sent their apologies to Sandra. Tattoo model Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee – who claims to have had an 11-month affair with the father-of-three – wanted to show Sandra how sorry she is for her actions but was adamant Jesse is the one who should take most of the blame.   She said:

"Sandra, I’m sorry for your embarrassment. I’m sorry all this is public. I’m sorry for everything. I feel like I was duped just as much as Sandra was. I feel like I was lied to just as much as she was. If Jesse was upfront with me in the beginning, we wouldn’t be in this situation."  

Jesse – who is currently in rehab receiving treatment for sex addiction – has been accused of having at least two other affairs.   Sandra and Jesse married in 2005 and sources say the 45-year-old beauty is ready to divorce him once he completes his rehab stint.

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