CDL – Last Week In Review: June 7th – June 13th, 2010

Another week gone, the first day of summer is on it’s way in just over a week .  Last week the weather was not great the sun that we saw in May was gone and we have had a lot of rainy, cloudy days.  I’m hoping for sun to show up next week,  Before I get started with the review of last week I want to stop everyone for stopping by Celebrity Dirty Laundry.  Thank you for all your comments and good wishes.  Remember if you want a story posted or have a tip just drop me and e-mail at .

Last week saw a lot of Gary Coleman news.  Gary passed away May 28th of a brain hemorrhage and since then rather than let poor Gary rest in peace the vultures have been circulating.   This week we found out that the disgusting excuse for a person his ex-wife Shannon Price had taken pictures of Gary in a the hospital and a death photo.   Of course Shannon sold those pictures to the tabloid The Globe.  Although the pics were available CDL refuses to print the photos.  Meanwhile the idiot ex-wife wants to scatter Gary’s ashes on railroad tracks.  Gary’s parents have said they suspect foul play in his death.  May have something to do with Gary’s former wife’s 911 tape.  Several Gary Coleman wills have been registered this week: Will # 1, Will # 2.

In what only can be called the craziest news of the week Britney Spears has been accused of sexually harrasing her bodyguard HUH?  Why do I think this is a grab for money?  In other Brit Brit news  Britney Spears’ father met with a judge about the custody of her sons.

The 2010 MTV Movie Awards were last week and we have the pics of the celebs on The Red Carpet.   Christina Aguillera performed at the award show promoting her new album Bionic.  The perforance was luke warm at best and Christina was clearly lipsynching.   In the nicest moments of the award show was seeing Sandra Bullock – she basically told everyone to get back to normal and stop putting her under a microscope.   Sandra ended her speach by kissing Scarlett Johansson and saying she is A "Great Kisser". 

It was announced this week that Susan Boyle will sing for the pope.

In Justin Bieber news apparently Justin likes to Google himself to find out what people are saying about him.  Also Justin gave the ladies a hint this week of what he likes in a women.  Lastly here is a behind the scenes video with Justin.

Winning the CELEBRITY DIRTY LAUNDRY NEW HOTTIE OF THE WEEK – John Goodman Lost 1/2 A Person – Willpower or Gastic Bypass?  Either way Bravo John you look great!

In the TWILIGHT NEWS – Dakota Fanning Loves Playing An Evil Character In “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse”:

In the CELEBRITY DIRTY LAUNDRY FUNNIEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK –  Hands down the winner has to be Tom Cruise at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards playing Les Grossman again.  Tom (Les) performed a song with Jennifer Lopez.   This video is not to be missed.

In CDL CELEBRITY BABY NEWS – Is or isn’t Mariah Carey Pregnant?   Only her hairdresser knows for sure LOL…..  Hightening the rumours Mariah withdrew from a job this week.  Meanwhile, Fergie says she won’t be getting pregnant anytime soon she is far too busy.  Talking about Fergie she performed at the World Cup Kick-Off Concert in what can only be described as a gladiator outfit!

In ROBYN’S RANT OF THE WEEK –  Sex Tapes – Okay I have to ask it – what is wrong with these celebs who film themselves having sex and then for some mysterious reason the tape gets out. Sounds fishy to me! The latest in the celebrity sex tape scandal is "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Danielle Staub.  This is not for the faint of heart. [NSFW]  Lucky for the moron she is having sex with in the video Danielle does not kiss and tell.

In UGG NOT A ANOTHER CELEBRITY PERFUME –  Jennifer Lopez released her 18th fragrance which by the way has earned her 1 billion dollars.  Fergie’s Launched Avon “Outspoken”

In the CDL FUGLIEST PICTURE OF THE WEEK – The Olsen twins need to fire their hairstylist fast.  This is probably the worst hair colors I have seen in a long long time.  They cannot be serious!

LINDSAY LINDSAY LINDSAY what is to be done with her?  VOTE What Should Happen to Lindsay Lohan Next?:

CELEBRITY DIRTY LAUNDRY MAGAZINE COVERS of the week Milla Jovovich,  Madonna’s Daughter Lourdes Ciccone & Rihanna.

In Miscellaneous news Heidi Montage filed for a legal seperation from Spencer Pratt – another publicy stunt?  Another celeb not unfamiliar with publicity stunts.  Media Whore Paris Hilton is back to her skanky ways! Oh wait, she never stopped :-)  Amy Grindhouse’s parents are glad she dumped Blackey Poo.  After Blake the think her new boyfriend is a gift from the gods!  Lastly Charlie Sheen is not in the slammer yet ;-)

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