CDL Weekly Gossip Rundown September 26th – October 2nd, 2010

In our Weekly Gossip Rundown of all the craziness that happened in the Celebrity world last week we look at the Entertainment news, scandals & hot pictures of the week.    Some of the events that standout include:   Good For The Governor! Swarzenegger Decriminalizes Marijuana Possession! ; CNN’s Rick Sanchez Get’s The Boot For Open Racism ; Is Gisele Bundchen Cheating On Tom Brady?;    Mike ‘The Situation’ Has a Teeny Weeny Weenie and a whole lot more…

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Ashton Kutcher’s Mistress Brittney Jones Made A Sex Tape  HERE

Dexter: Why Ordinary People Love a Brutal Murderer  HERE

First PHOTO Of Lindsay In Betty Ford Center  HERE

Is Lindsay Lohan Toying With The Law in Order to Make a Buck?  HERE

Hooker Wants Beckham To Drop His Drawers In Court  HERE

GROSS! Lady Gaga Wearing A Dress Made Of Hair!  HERE

Ooh La La – Miley Cyrus In Her Knickers [PHOTOS]  HERE

Tila Tequila Has Two Sex Tapes – One With A Guy And One With A Girl!  HERE

Nick Lachey And Paris Hilton Coming To Reality TV  HERE

Earl Woods Jr. Talks About Tiger’s Golf Game, His Affairs And Growing Up Together  HERE

Is Dancing With The Stars Selling Out?  HERE

The Sociobiology of Hero Worship or Why We Love Celebrities  HERE

Sex Tape Sold – Tiger’s Sins Soon To Be Exposed!  HERE

Eminem’s ‘No Love’ Video Premiere With Lil Wayne [VIDEO]  HERE

Oksana Makes A Career Out Of ‘Bad Men’   HERE

Did Justin Bieber Put The Moves On Miley Cyrus?   HERE

Crazy Husband Tries To Run David Beckham Down For Having An Affair With His Wife  HERE