Justin Bieber’s Voice is Cracking As He Goes Through Puberty

Justin Bieber has admitted his voice is dropping as he goes through puberty, and he can’t hit the same high notes as he used to when he recorded his present album, ‘My World 2.0’.

He said: “"It cracks. Like every teenage boy, I’m dealing with it and I have the best vocal coach in the world.  "Some of the notes I hit on ‘Baby’ I can’t hit anymore. We have to lower the key when I sing live.”

The singer was forced to cancel an appearance in Australia yesterday morning (26.04.10) amid a huge crush as thousands of female fans waited to watch him perform. Police called off the concert amidst "mass scenes of hysteria" after 10 girls fainted.   Canadian singer Justin, 16 – who was discovered on video website Youtube – was devastated by the cancellation and apologised to his devoted fans.

He tweeted: "I love my fans and I am just as disappointed as everyone else with the news from this morning. I want to sing for my fans. I want to make this clear… I don’t cancel… I woke up this morning to the police cancelling the show for safety reasons.   "I’m very happy about the welcome and the love from around the world, but I want everyone to still remember my fans’ safety comes first (sic)."   Photo: Fame Pictures

15 responses to “Justin Bieber’s Voice is Cracking As He Goes Through Puberty”

  1. linda loveslace says:

    LOL I had a good giggle about the losing his voice bit!Justin’s so cute and I just wanna pinch his chubby cheeks LOL!
    He’s 16 but looks 14 to me.Au revoir Jonas Brothers!My 11 year neice is crazy about Justin.She makes me feel old whenever we talk about music.She’s never heard of The Backstreet Boys of course and thinks they are the guys who pass each morning to pick up the garbage!LOL!

    • Robyn says:

      LOL me as well……. My mother says he reminds her of Donny Osmond. When she was 14 she went to see him sing “Puppy Love”. All the tweens were crazy about him!

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  4. Miles OK says:

    Enfatuated pre pubscent girls lovelorn Catholic priests and other boy loving pedophiles the world over will shed bitter tears at this news.

    Its been fun Justin.. Try not to burn through the trust fund too quickly….see ya when you get out of rehab…

    • Robyn says:

      WOW Miles you sound like a cynic…. maybe he will be like Donny Osmond crazy popular when he was a teen and then win DWTS :-)

  5. Jessica says:

    He is a little boy geeze. Of course his voice is going to crack. He is growing up and maturing. It’s only mother nature. I think his songs will still sell hits because of how many young girls like him. Heck there are i bet even girls older than him that like his music too. He had hits at a young age, i just hope the paprazzi wont tear him down.

  6. georgia holmes says:

    its not his fault that his cracking it means just growing up der and its not his fault and i m a crazy fan lol.

  7. anonomus says:

    ty! NO MORE JUSTIN BIEBER! AMEN! I’VE LONGED FOR THIS DAY! but i love his music just not him :P

  8. ssusan says:

    aww i really love him! why justin why!

  9. justin IZ MinE XD says:




  10. ben and arthur says:

    yes! Justin Bieber is no more! god ive waited for this day! im telling everyone i know, spread the word ”Justin Bieber is dead!” lol :p

  11. justin bieber says:

    hi again im am still sorry but ive gt a gf nd the news of my voice breaking down is true but i would say to all my fans out there that im not single :(:( but i loe my gf the most :$:$ soo girls what can i do :( for my gf :*:* I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH BBY……

    im sorry all my fans and im sorry for not comming :'(

    but dont worry girls i might come 1 dy with mt gf :*:*:*

    too all my fans keep it up ;) lol :L :L :L


  12. Angelic Mcqueeney says:

    Are you trolling

  13. Sharen Philmon says:

    “Today we are looking for the ugliest creature in the wood” Oh my god, it`s Justin Biever. :D :D