Sandra Bullock’s marriage Was A “Sham”

Danielle Dee Madrano, owner of the adult website, claims Michelle boasted she was having an affair with the motorcycle enthusiast around May 2009.   Danielle also claims Michelle said that Jesse has told her his union to Sandra was just for publicity.   The website owner told “She told me that she and Jesse were together… this was around May 2009, or just prior to that. “She told me that Jesse’s marriage to Sandra Bullock was for publicity, and that’s why he did Donald Trump’s show, ‘Celebrity Apprentice’. He never called on Sandra for money or influence because their marriage was a sham.”  

Michelle worked as a model for – which is described as an “outrageous online magazine and a sexy social network site where beautiful bikini models, sexy school girls and topless glamour models are on live video 24/7 chatting with their online fans” – in May 2009 and used the title ‘Michelle Bombshell’.   It is also claimed that Jesse engaged in private chats with Michelle via the site – which she is no longer affiliated to.   It was alleged yesterday (17.03.10) that Jesse had enjoyed a fling with mother-of-two Michelle.

She claimed he had told her his marriage to the actress was over and romanced her while Sandra – who married Jesse in July 2005 – was away filming ‘The Blind Side’.   Michelle said: "He gave me the impression they were separated."   It is alleged the pair had sex "two or three times" during the first night they spent together and from that point began texting each other several times a day and met up at least twice a week for five weeks to sleep together.

Oh give me a break – the women thought he was seperated "What a moron."  Clearly a gold digger.  If it is true I also give Jesse "Moron of the year Award."  I really hope none of this is true.  I really like Sandra and she seemed so in love with Jesse.  She must be devastated!  Photo: Fame Pictures

3 responses to “Sandra Bullock’s marriage Was A “Sham””

  1. I don’t believe it! Men SAY a lot of things – doesn’t make it true. Besides, I HIGHLY DOUBT Sandra Bullock would be in a “sham” marriage.

    From where I’m sitting, this “Bombshell” chick is a lying whore.

    • Robyn says:

      Hilary – I hope it is not true as well. I really like Sandra. However, generally where there is smoke there is fire. I know one thing if it is true Jesse will be one of the most “hated Men in America” xoxo Robyn

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