Miracle Whip & Award Shows – Love Them or Hate Them? They’re here to stay!

Miracle Whip & Award Shows - Love Them or Hate Them? They’re here to stay!

Some people say miracles don’t happen anymore but those folks obviously haven’t tasted Kraft Miracle Whip Dressing.  Imagine a scrumptious, tangy dressing sort of like mayonnaise but with it’s own delicious flair and you have Miracle Whip – love it or hate it there is no way to resist its charm for long.  Making sandwiches, salads, dips?  Then reach for the Miracle Whip give it try and if you don’t love it already just wait for the miracle to transform you.  Having tried Miracle Whip you will find that it soon becomes a necessity just like award shows.  Love them or hate them award shows are a staple of the entertainment industry.

Everybody talks about Award Shows and they generally enjoy broad popularity – Emmys, Grammys, People’s Choice, Tonys, Golden Globes, the list continues… and of course the blockbuster of all award shows – The Academy Awards.

Do you enjoy award shows.   Are you like me, looking forward to them so that you can see who is the best at what they do – or at least the most popular? Or are you like some people who think that award shows are for the birds – boring – predictable – just an opportunity for free publicity?

Whichever side of the fence you are on – let us know.  Would you like to attend award shows?   Do you prefer award shows that are based on general popularity and public voting – like The People’s Choice Awards – or are you like me and prefer awards chosen by experts in the field – like The Academy Awards?

Opinion, taste, choice-that is what makes life interesting.  Loving things or hating them-people tend to have pretty strong feelings about what in the end are relatively minor issues…..like award shows!  What are topics that don’t really affect your life seriously but yet induce strong love/hate feelings in you and your friends, just like your feelings on award shows.

Anyway you look at it award shows generate buzz and can make a huge difference in the trajectory of a performer or a production.   Love them or hate them, award shows are a major part of the entertainment industry and are here to stay.

Just like Miracle Whip which is a staple for so many already it is here to stay.

We’re not for everyone. So, Love us? Great. Hate us? Fine. Not sure? Undecided? Don’t care? That’s where we’ve got a problem.  It’s time to get off the fence, get us on a sandwich and make a choice.  Are you Miracle Whip? Pick a Side. Get a sample.  Go to MiracleWhip.com


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