Married At First Sight Australia Recap 08/13/20: Season 7 Episode 24

Tonight on Lifetime their hit series Married At First Sight  Australia airs with an all-new Thursday, August 13, 2020, season 7 episodes 24 and we have your Married At First Sight Australia recap below. On tonight’s Married At First Sight Australia season 7 episode 22 as per the Lifetime synopsis, “It’s time for the dinner party, and while some couples are feeling the pinch and one betrayal leaves a bride wondering whether she can trust her groom at all.”

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After experiencing a slice of their husband’s lives on homestays, our couples are back in Sydney. Certain couples like Connie and Jonethen seems to have turned a corner since the visit back home. Connie made a great impression on Jonethen’s friends and she showed him that she can relax. She even brought him gifts afterward. The gifts were silly and light-hearted, and they showed that Connie is trying. She is trying to show Jonethen how easy their relationship can work. Its now up to him to reciprocate. Jonethen has to show Connie that he is trying. He has to tell her what he’s feeling and whether it’s good or bad he still has to work through it with his wife.

Other relationships suffered after their visit. KC and Drew were deeply unhappy together. Drew didn’t believe in materialism or even in cosmetic surgeries and so he was unapproving of things KC has done. She does Botox. She also does lip injections and Drew sees that as vain. He said he wouldn’t want to teach his children to believe in things like that because he wanted them to feel beautiful on their own. Drew claimed that he wanted above wanting material things, but the way he went about it, was definitely insulting to KC. She felt rejected. She wanted a guy who would love her and respect no matter what she does and she wasn’t really getting that with Drew.

Another couple of suffering is Ivan and Aleks. They were doing great right up until the visit and it seems the visit itself has changed Aleks’s feelings for Ivan. She no longer has romantic feelings for him. She told him as much when they got back and Ivan doesn’t know what to do. He still cares for Aleks. He thought they might have a future together and so he was hoping that she would give him a second chance. Ivan wanted to be with Aleks. He was hoping that by giving her space she asked for that she might have another turn and she might want to be with him again. And for now, Ivan still doesn’t know where he went wrong.

Ivan doesn’t know why Aleks changed. Aleks didn’t exactly explain to him why she changed her mind and people were beginning to feel bad for Ivan. Michael and Stacey had talked about it. They both felt like Aleks needed to be confronted because of the way she shunted Ivan had taken everyone by surprise and so those two were going to get answers. They planned on asking Aleks at the dinner. The dinner was the best place for everyone to open up. People usually walked in feeling great and they were in the right frame of mind to talk. Michael and Stacey weren’t the only ones that had questioned when they saw Aleks and Ivan arrive.

The former couple barely acknowledged each other. They went to separate corners of the room and they didn’t talk or look at each other. The experts noticed right away. They had confronted the couple last week on the couch about their intimacy and the couple refused to discuss it. They said it was their own personal business. They claimed they didn’t want to talk about their sex life and yet behind the scenes they were secretly telling people that they slept together. Which is why so many are now confused by Aleks’s standoffish behavior. She clearly had feelings for Ivan at one point if they slept together and so why it’s suddenly all different now.

It was obvious to everyone that it was Aleks that pushed Ivan away. Ivan took comfort in food at dinner and he was so downtrodden. He still didn’t know what he did went wrong. Luckily, his relationship wasn’t the only one that took a turn for the worse. Cathy and Josh were more or less broken up. They arrived at the dinner separately and they each said the visit back home had been rough. They kept arguing over the same thing. They never have any new fights and they couldn’t move on because Josh refused to do so. Josh would wait until they were happy again. Then he would bring up the past and it would put them back at square one.

Josh and Cathy didn’t even try to repair their fractured relationship. They simply gave up and the downhill came at the last ceremony. Josh blindsided Cathy at the ceremony. He told her he feared they were just friends and she hadn’t been feeling that way at all. She thought they were moving in the right direction. She thought that they were fancying each other and, so if Josh hadn’t done what he did, they would still be together. The couple was broken up. Josh has made peace with it and Cathy was trying to do some. She had gotten teary-eyed at the dinner. She was hurt that she could no longer speak to Josh like she used to.

It was better for both of them when no one bothered bringing it up at dinner. They all pretty much left Cathy and Josh alone. It was Aleks and Ivan that was the topic up for discussion. Michael later pushed Aleks like planned. He did ask her why she changed her mind about Ivan because it had felt like it came out of nowhere and Aleks wasn’t really explaining it all that well. She was telling other people that she wasn’t in love with Ivan romantically. She’s also telling them that she never slept with Ivan and they all knew that to be a lie. Michael reminded her that she was the one who told him she slept with Ivan.

He also said that sleeping with someone one day and not having feelings for them on another day was absurd. Michael went on to reveal the reason he was so upset with Aleks is that he saw her coming back from a date. She went on a date with another guy and that’s why her feelings have changed. Aleks has been pretending like she never had feelings for Ivan, but the truth is she meant someone else and she believes this someone else is better. Aleks meant this other guy weeks ago. The other women have met him and they knew he drives a Ferrari. Mishel thought Ivan was the better man. She didn’t know why Aleks was thinking and so she quietly had a word with Aleks.

Aleks was asked if she was seeing this guy they met at a Serbian event. Aleks denied it and she had a big blow up. Aleks yelled at Michael. She told him she wasn’t dating anyone else and that she wasn’t sleeping with Ivan. She caught the attention of the whole room with her yelling like that. She accused Michael of lying and she tried to say the same as Josh. Josh had been told by Ivan that he was sleeping with Aleks. Josh, therefore, backed up Michael’s claims and both of them said they talked it through with Ivan. Ivan asked them to confront Aleks tonight. Ivan wanted answers and he didn’t think he would get them on his own.


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