Sweet Home Sextuplets Recap 07/07/20: Season 3 Episode 4 “Toddlers and Turkeys”

Tonight on TLC Sweet Home Sextuplets the reality show starring the Waldrop household returns with an all-new Tuesday, July 07, 2020, episode, and we have your Sweet Home Sextuplets recap below. On tonight’s Sweet Home Sextuplets Season 3 Episode 4 “Toddlers and Turkeys,” as per the TLC synopsis, “Courtney and the babies are running late to Kayleigh’s wedding because of a dead car battery.

The Waldrop family moves 11 people into a 1500-square-foot mobile home during construction, right before having to cook a Thanksgiving feast for 20 people.

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It’s time to leave for the wedding, it is 30 minutes away and Courtney’s van won’t start. She calls Eric, he is already there, and they won’t make it to the wedding if he comes back. Eric tells Courtney that he is going to walk her through jumping the battery. Emily & Valerie are there to help her. They do it, Courtney is thrilled. The women go back to the house and get the babies in their seats. They only have forty minutes to make the wedding and the babies still have to be dressed.

The babies have to be dressed, changed, and fed. One of the boys puts a grape in his mouth when Courtney is busy and she panics, afraid that he can choke.

The babies do a wonderful job, Rayne is the last one to make it down the aisle, Rawlings opted out and didn’t budge. The wedding goes off without a hitch, everyone has a blast.

They are back from the wedding, and real life. They are storing pictures because the mobile home is coming tomorrow. Their lives are already crazy enough, and it is about to get even crazier. Courtney thinks they should have Thanksgiving first, then move. Eric tells her that they cannot afford to hold up the contractors because of a holiday, and after Thanksgiving, it will just be something else.

The mobile home is coming down the street, Courtney is excited, Eric looks terrified. The home doesn’t fit through the fence, Eric says nothing is simple. They finally do it, the house is lifted and it passes. The older boys are really excited about the mobile home.

Courtney is taking the babies to Imagination Place because they are going to be stuck in the mobile home and she wants them to let off some energy. They are just jumping into every activity. Courtney is thinking about how crazy it is going to be in the winter when she can’t take out the babies that much. Moving is awful, and she is nervous about everything fitting in the home, even though Eric assured her that he has taken the measurements.

Moving day is here, Courtney can’t even wrap is around her mind that they have to move for eleven people. Eric despises moving. The dryer doesn’t fit, Eric measures the washer and he assumed they were both the same size. They end up getting it in but rip the floor in the process. Saylor, Wales, and Bridge don’t like moving day, they say it is not fun. The babies are getting into everything. The boy’s beds fit into their room, the boys are happy because they are all pushed together, so it is like one big slumber party. The cribs don’t fit, they have to take the trim off the doorways.

They manage to get all the cribs in with room to move around, but it looks like a maze. Courtney is worried, she thinks the babies are going to be upset that they have a new bedroom. The babies are opening doors and getting into trouble, Eric tells Courtney to take them back to the house so that he can baby proof the mobile home.

The boys prepare shoeboxes for the less fortunate. Courtney loves doing this with the older boys.

Eric takes the boys out to the grocery store to buy things so Courtney to make Thanksgiving dinner. Courtney’s dad is there, he is the manager at the grocery store and he helps Eric choose the items. They are expecting 20 people for Thanksgiving dinner.

It’s Thanksgiving, Emily and Valerie are there to help. It’s time for the family to arrive. And, Courtney got everything made. Courtney asks Eric if it will be edible, he says he is not too picky. First Eric says a prayer before they eat. Ramona and Pam helped with the food, Eric says it is wonderful. Eric is very thankful that all his family is there, it is cramped, but if that is all they have to complain about, then life is good. One of the babies throws up on Courtney, she runs for a quick change.


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