NCIS: Los Angeles Recap 11/07/21: Season 13 Episode 5 “Divided We Fall”

Tonight on CBS NCIS: Los Angeles returns with an all-new Sunday, November 7, 2021, season 13 episode 5 called, “Divided We Fall” and we have your weekly NCIS: Los Angeles recap below. On tonight’s NCIS Los Angeles season 13 episode 5, as per the CBS synopsis,“When an NCIS mission to protect a compromised undercover agent goes completely sideways, the agents are individually interrogated to find out what really happened; Kilbride must make a difficult decision.”

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In tonight’s NCIS Los Angeles An undercover agent was compromised. Her cover was blown. Laura Song has spent years gathering information on the Chinese Navy and she was a great agent. But someone somehow blew her cover. The Chinese now knew she was spying on them this whole time and they were going to want revenge.

NCIS was being asked to step in to protect her. Her and her family. Song has a teenage daughter in high school and so some of the agents went to pick her up while others secured Song. She was taken to a safehouse. The safehouse was secured by every mean necessary. The team even went above and beyond to protect her and so it was a shock when the Chinese managed to kill her.

Song was taken to an undisclosed safehouse. It was a penthouse apartment in Downtown LA. NCIS ran ops from that building so they didn’t have to use their regular computers and the agents did everything. They safeguarded the building before she arrived. They did so when she arrived.

They also repeated it a third time after her daughter was safely guarded. Song also felt comfortable at the penthouse and she began drinking. She told them that she was born in China. Her father is Chinese and her mother is American. Her mother moved the family back to the US after the father died and Song hated it at first. The only thing she likes was watching the ships come in. Its what interested her in the Navy.

Song wanted to be on a ship. But Killbride had other ideas. He used her history to help enlist her in spying on the Chinese and she happily did so to serve her country. Killbride and Song are friends. She calls him by his first name. She also seemed to know Hetty. She was able to determine that Hetty had something to do with the safehouse by just looking at it and so that too spoke of a history.

Not that Sam or Callen knew what that history was. They just knew they were supposed to protect her and they failed at that job. They were ambushed. Song kept asking for a weapon that they didn’t give her and she refused to follow orders. She wouldn’t stay put. She wouldn’t go into the saferoom. Song was unpredictable.

The Chinese were able to knock out Callen with a grenade. They were able to make it pass Sam and neither Roundtree or Fatima were in sight. They made it into the penthouse. Song was killed. Only the saga didn’t end there. The team later had to answer the tough questions when they were asked about how a protected agent died in their custody and so they were all interrogated.

They were all asked how Song died on their watch. Several members of the team suffered from injuries and the full story came out during their interviews. Callen was the first to fall. Then Sam. Fatima and Roundtree made it to Song and Fatima was shot in the leg. They tried escaping through an elevator shaft when Song chose to sacrifice herself.

The team doesn’t know why she did that. She could have done it to save everyone. She might have figured that if she handed herself over that the others would survive and they did. But Song died on their watch. The team was going to catch flak from that and even Kensi and Deeks had to answer questions and they weren’t even there. They were with Song’s daughter Lily. Lily spoke with her mother on the phone and she started to cry.

Lily was crying because she hadn’t wanted to lose her mother, too. Her father died when she was eleven and she didn’t want to lose her sole parent. Lily mentioned how Song took the death of her husband and how she was able to find solace in going back to work.

Deeks didn’t think he could do it. He didn’t think he could remain operational if something happened to Kensi and he was alone with a child. Deeks actually gained a newfound respect for Sam and he was calling him to tell him that when he lost contact. It was this loss of contact that first alerted them to the problems occurring with Song’s detail. Kensi went over there to check if everything was alright and she found Song dead on the floor.

She called it in. It was reported and agents came in to check everyone out. But Killbride arrived before Kensi did and he quickly left. He hadn’t wanted to be at the scene when agents swooped in and so he admitted to the interrogator in charge of his interview that he did stop by. He claimed he shot Song.

Killbride told the interrogator that Song had turned. She was working for the Chinese and he found out. He showed up at the safehouse to check on her. He spotted her leaving with the Chinese and even berating them for not being able to kill four agents. Killbride killed her and her remaining men.

He reported it to his bosses. They were the ones who decided to cover up what happened and so the real story was being hidden. The cover story was being sold. The whole world believes Song died a hero. They didn’t know she was a traitor or that she had been killed for treason.

Killbride could only tell people in the know and so the team all believed that Song died on their watch. They beat themselves up over it. And Killbride just watched it happen.


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