Snowpiercer Recap 02/22/21: Season 2 Episode 5 “Keep Hope Alive”

Tonight on TNT their sci-fi thriller Snowpiercer returns with an all-new Monday, February 22, 2021, season 2 episode 5, “Keep Hope Alive” and we have your Snowpiercer recap below. In tonight’s Snowpiercer season 2 episode 2 as per the TNT synopsis, “Wilford invites Audrey to be his guest on Big Alice while plotting his next move. Layton faces a harsh dilemma. Josie tries to pass intel to Snowpiece.

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In tonight’s episode of Snowpiercer Josie continues to recover and make progress. Walking now, she writes a note and sends it to the others after watching as Bob is held down by Wilford’s doctors. The message is brought to Andre, telling him Wilford is preparing to make a move.

Wilford has been laying around for day s listening to music and thinking of Audrey. Zarah visits Audrey and asks her what happened between her and Wilford. She tells her she doesn’t want to talk but she will be fine.

Wilford holds a book club. It appears many of them didn’t read the book and attempt to pretend they did. Wilford is interrupted by Sykes who tells them they are a “go”. He then sends an invite for dinner to Audrey. She accepts and speaks tip the engineers before she goes.

The doctors, who are working on Josie, are interrupted by Sykes. Josie lays on the table in pain. Bob stops by to tell her how to control the pain. It also tells her not to cross the doctors before taking off quickly.

Andre updates the team about Josie learning Wilford is up to something. Bess is stressed over this and the fact that he has the borders open for messages. They tell her to take a day off. Meanwhile, Zarah starts in hospitality. Just before she accidentally goes over the intercom, she throws up from morning sickness. Ruth looks terrified but Zarah is great.

Andre is forced to staple the back of Pike’s head after he is hit with a bat for crossing through the third, upsetting Terrence. Meanwhile, Audrey makes her way to Wilford while Alex asks him why Audrey can visit but she isn’t allowed to visit Lila.

Andre visits Terrence to come up with a new trade agreement. After, Andre heads to see the doctor with Zarah to see their baby. Zarah tells Andre he needs to take care of Terrence if he is threatening to expose Josie.

Audrey arrives to see Wilford. He isn’t there though. Alex is. They talk. She tells Alex that she and Mel are friends. Alex wonders about that. Because Wilford is enemies with her mother. Wilford arrives. Alex storms off.

The engineers wait for a ping from Mel but they don’t get one. They start to get nervous. They tell Andre and the others. The problem is on her end. They have to assume something is wrong. They all agree not to tell the passengers or Wilford.

The pastor gets Bess at the bar. He has something for her. He hands her a pair of boxing gloves. They spar, getting serious. He eggs her on. She lets her frustrations out on him.

Audrey and Wilford spend time looking out the train car and drinking. When he steps away for more drinks, she tries to open a compartment. The engineers call and tell Wilford they linked up with Mel. After, Wilford notices the compartment has been touched.

Andre heads to Pike. He asks him to take care of Terrence. Pike is feeling unsure. He may vow to be a better man.

Bess and the pastor sit and drink after sparing. Pike shows up to see Terrence. He yells for Osweiller. But he doesn’t answer. Terrence tries to make a new deal but Pike kills him, crying after. Ruth comes over the intercom and tells the passenger contact was made with Mel. Andre sits upset over Mel and for asking Pike to kill.

Pike arrives home and shaves his head. The next day, Josie is given pills for her procedure. She doesn’t take them all, hiding the rest. She listens to the doctors during her procedure. She writes a message after to Andre. Bob sees her and tells her he saw her ditch her meds. He wants them.

Audrey starts to get ready to go home. Wilford asks her to stay. Meanwhile, Andre gets the note from Josie, saying “Breachman Tonight.” Andre calls for the doors to be shut. Ruth stands guard but opens it for Audrey who is with Wilford. He begs her to stay with him. She agrees.


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