The Sinner Premiere Recap 10/13/21: Season 4 Episode 1 “Part 1”

Tonight on the USA Network their new drama The Sinner premieres with an all-new Wednesday, October 13, 2021, and we have your The Sinner recap below. On tonight’s The Sinner season 4 episode 1 “Part 1” as per the USA Network synopsis, “Ambrose visits the town of Clark Harbor for a getaway and finds himself at the centre of a tragedy.”

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In tonight’s The Sinner’s episode, Det. Harry Ambrose is on a boat with Sonya they are going to visit her friend Greta in Hanover Island in northern Maine. Next, they head for lunch and enjoy some lobster rolls. Greta tells them that the island is beautiful but there are grumblings about the Chinese takeover. She asks Harry what he is going to do for himself while xxx is painting all day.

He says he has been retired for over a year now, it was time. Greta tells them that she can’t believe what they went through with Jamie Burns. Sonya says that is why they needed a change of scenery. Harry tells the women he is going to let them catch up and he is going to take a stroll. On his walk he bumps into a woman, a “fisher girl” who asks him if the ocean has talked to him yet, he says he doesn’t think so, she says she will, she is in a mood today. They wish each other well and she walks off.

Later, Harry and Sonya are having sex and she has her hand around his throat. When they are done, she asks him if it was ok, he says yes. He says it seemed like she was going to hurt him, so it was perfect. She finds out that he stopped his anti-depression medication, she says it’s not good. He says he is under a doctor’s care and it was the therapist’s idea and he has done with it.

She is a little upset that he didn’t tell her. She says it is going to make his insomnia worst and so it does, he can’t sleep that night. Harry goes for a walk, he sees a woman stumbling out of a house shouting “leave me alone.” He follows her as she walks down a patch towards the water in the dark of night. Harry hears some unusual screaming and running. All of a sudden, he sees her, she is close to the water, turns to look to the side, and jumps. It was his “fisher girl.”

Port authority is out looking for the body, but it was a very long drop to the bottom, the dive captain has yet to find anything. The authorities are there and ask Harry if he is on drugs or alcohol. Harry looks at them like, “are you kidding me.” The woman who jumped was Percy Muldoon, the daughter of a prominent island family. Her grandmother shows up at the scene, Meg Muldoon, and wants to know what happened. Harry says he was walking, he says her granddaughter was uneasy, look like she was getting away from someone. He followed her and she walked to the bluff and jumped.

Meg doesn’t believe it, she says Percy wouldn’t do it. Harry asks how he knows Percy, he says he met her earlier in the day near the fish company. Percy’s father shows up next, his uncle tells him it is a shit show. Harry walks near the bluff with Meg and shows her where Percy jumped. Meg tells Harry he didn’t see Percy, she can’t even see the bluff. She tells Lour, the officer, that “this man” meaning Harry, followed her granddaughter in the middle of the night. Harry says he was a police detective for 40 years and if he sees something, he is going to see if he can help. Lou says they have to wait until they know more. Percy is probably hungover somewhere and they are all going to laugh this off.

Back at the house, Harry tells Sonya what happened during his evening walk. He says he met her earlier in the day, she seemed thoughtful but not depressed. He keeps going over it in his head and he wonders if he saw what he saw, it was dark, maybe he made a mistake. Harry calls Lou to find out if there is any news. Lou says they haven’t found a body and the family hasn’t heard from Percy. But, a fisherman was also up late last night and he swears he saw Percy drive by at 3:30 am, which is a half-hour after Harry’s 911 call. Harry gets his coat on and heads back to the bluff, he stands there and tries to remember what happened the night before.

He goes right to the very edge and looks down. He recalls Percy looking to the side before she jumped so he walks in that direction. He finds some items in the brush, some rope, across and stuff. They were arranged a certain way, he thinks someone placed them very particularly, it was his intention, he brings them into Lou. He tells him that Percy looked in the direction of these items before she jumped. Josh walks in and he says he thinks Percy jumped. Lou is reluctant to check the items for fingerprints, he doesn’t understand the point but gives in.

Harry heads to the fishing plant to see Percy’s father, Meg walks up, he tries to ask questions, tells them he is trying to make sense of what happened to Percy. Meg tells him that is their job to find her granddaughter, not his and she escorts him out. Harry speaks to someone outside the plant and finds out that she went the “The Knot” after work, a local bar, so Harry heads out there.

Harry speaks to some of the patrons and finds out that the whole Muldoon fortune goes to Percy, doesn’t make sense that she would kill herself. One thing was strange, Percy went to the bathroom for like fifteen minutes and when she came out she was hurt, she said she banged her head, then she left and that was the last time anyone saw her.

It’s late, Harry is outside the house near the porch when he hears strange noises, he calls out to see if anyone is there and nobody answers.

The next day, Harry meets with Lou at Percy’s car they found on the side of the road. Harry sees a decrepit trailer and what appears someone’s homestead, they go knock on the man’s door, Lou asks he the man there saw Percy. The man says he didn’t see or hear anything.

The next day, Harry tells Sonya that Lou wants him involved in the case, he wants his help. Sonya has mixed feelings about it. Harry says he feels like he is losing his mind, wondering what he actually saw that night on the bluff. She tells him that he has to do what he thinks it is right, she can just listen and be there for him.

It’s day three, Meg is worried, she tells Harry that Lou doesn’t know his ass from his elbow and he told her about Harry’s record. She begs him to help them. Meg thinks Percy was hiding something from her, she would go off on her own lots of times by herself and not tell her where she was at. And, she found a book called the “Lunar Goddess” as well as some items Percy was collecting and one was a piece of rope. Harry asks to take the book, tells Meg that if she finds anything else, call Lou or him. Meg tells him if he wants a home-cooked meal, they will take care of him.

Harry goes back to the house where he saw Percy come out of that faithful night, he goes around back and heads towards the ocean. Down on the rocks, he finds an empty package of what appears to be gum, and when he looks up, he sees a camera. He goes to inquire about the camera, he wants to get access to the video files. She won’t, so he brings in Lou to look at them with him. All of sudden, he sees Percy down by the water at 2:52 am, fives minutes before he saw her. She falls down to her knees, someone is there standing in front of her, she looks scared and runs away.

Back at the house, Harry tells Sonya that he thinks that night at the bluff, that person was there, the one that Percy was afraid of. She tells him this is creepy and weird, but he looks so energized and alive. He tells her that it might be a good thing than to get back into it, she says maybe. Later that night, and hears that strange sound again.


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