The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Wednesday, June 16 Recap – Ashland’s Will Change Stuns Kyle – Sally Texts Tara Good News

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers recap for Wednesday, June 16, reveals that Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) will suspect Ashland Locke’s (Richard Burgi) deadly game – and Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) will text Tara Locke (Elizabeth Leiner) with good news.

At Crimson Lights on Wednesday’s Y&R episode, Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) and Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) will discuss her trip to the Big Apple with Ashland.

Although Billy will initially claim he’s worried about the kids getting dragged into the divorce fallout, Victoria will think he just doesn’t like her moving on. She’ll suggest that Billy liked it back when she was pining for him.

After Billy insists that he wants Victoria’s happiness, talk will turn to Johnny Abbott (Holden and Ryan Hare) mistakenly assuming Lily Winters (Christel Khalil) was his new wife.

Victoria will get updates on how Billy handled it before he admits his Ashland concerns run deeper than he previously suggested.

Billy won’t want Victoria to get hurt, but Victoria will argue that he doesn’t have to worry about her heart getting decimated again. Victoria will insist she’s survived worse!

Back at the office, Victoria will get on her laptop and do some research on small-cell lung carcinoma.

Next, Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) will pump Victoria for info about her trip with Ashland, but Victoria will promise it wasn’t serious.

Victoria will also also find out Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) refrained from making disparaging comments after he found out they dashed off together.

Nikki will admit the trip seems to have done Victoria some good before she exits. Meanwhile, Ashland will discuss the custody agreement with Kyle and Tara at the Abbott mansion.

Tara will keep pushing to find out what caused this change of heart and will bring Victoria’s name into it.

That’ll infuriate Ashland, who won’t think Tara has any right to question him about his personal life after what she did. As for his will, Ashland will taunt that he has every right to leave Harrison Locke (Kellen Enrinquez) out of it since Harrison isn’t his flesh and blood.

Tara will be appalled over the thought of Ashland punishing Harrison in that way, but Kyle will pipe up that it doesn’t matter. Harrison is an Abbott and will want for nothing.

Ashland will reflect on how he’s tried to see similar traits in Kyle and Harrison, but he just can’t. Ashland will only see himself, though he won’t know if that’s due to ego, love or just the imprint he’s already made on the boy.

Tara will thank Kyle for promising to support Harrison and will warn that Ashland’s nasty games can’t hurt them now. She’ll insist they won’t use that little boy as a weapon.

Ashland will suggest that Kyle and Tara should go ahead and make plans. He’ll add that maybe if they’re lucky, they’ll get more than six months to live them out.

Ashland will confess that he’s dying due to his small-cell lung carcinoma diagnosis. Kyle will worry this is a ploy, but Ashland will insist he has no time for games anymore.

Tara will seem emotionally affected by Ashland’s news and will keep pushing him to get treatment.

However, Ashland will insist how he handles it is his business. For the record, Ashland will point out that Harrison is still in his will while Tara is unsurprisingly out.

He’ll want Tara to spare him the bull about caring about him since she wouldn’t have cheated if she did.

Ashland will repeatedly tell Tara that he doesn’t want pity, but he will need a favor from Tara and Kyle. He’ll want them to keep his deadly diagnosis under wraps – mostly because of Harrison since Ashland will want to tell him in his own way and on his own time.

After Kyle and Tara agree to that, Ashland will head out. That’ll leave Kyle still questioning if this is a scheme somehow. Tara won’t think Ashland would lie about dying and will fret over how devastated Harrison’s going to be.

Kyle will wonder if this changes anything for Tara when it comes to the divorce, but she’ll maintain that her marriage is over – and Ashland wouldn’t take her back even if she wanted to fix it. He’s too proud to want Tara there for him in the end.

At The Grand Phoenix, Eric Forrester (John McCook) will call Sally and admit he doesn’t see anything wrong with doing Summer Newman (Hunter King) a favor.

Eric will be ready to call and recommend Summer for that prestigious job in Italy as soon as Sally gives the green light.

Sally will hint about setting some things up first, which will raise Eric’s suspicions. Nevertheless, Sally will assure Eric everything’s above board and will thank him for doing something nice for Summer.

When Summer appears, Sally will pretend to be getting off a call with Marchetti. She’ll grumble about someone doing their research and listening to someone in LA who badmouthed her.

Summer will suggest that’s karma, but Sally will mention that Summer’s name came up. She’ll accuse Summer of being the one to trash-talk, but Summer will insist she didn’t – and she’ll warn that Sally had better not be trashing her reputation either.

Summer will be intrigued when she realizes they know about her at Marchetti and are impressed with what she’s done at JCV.

At Society, Lily will find Amanda Sinclair (Mishael Morgan) with Devon Hamilton (Bryton James). They’ll discuss why Amanda’s off the Sutton Ames (Jack Landron) case – and Amanda will admit she’s desperate to unravel the family mystery.

Amanda won’t be sure she’s going back to work at ChancComm since she likes working in criminal defense and feels she can make a real difference. She’ll also need more answers about her past and her father, so she’ll insist that has to be her focus now.

Lily will meet up with Billy at the office, so they’ll discuss Amanda potentially not returning to ChancComm before talk turns to Billy’s latest story.

Billy will want to publish something on Ashland’s divorce after all, so Lily will reluctantly agree since it’s newsworthy and Billy will plan to run everything by Kyle first.

Back at the Abbott mansion, Tara will continue to worry about Harrison and how he’ll handle Ashland’s death. Kyle will vow to get Tara and Harrison through this before Summer appears looking curious. “Uh, get through what?” Summer will ask.

Once Kyle’s alone with her, he’ll swear Summer to secrecy and admit that Ashland is dying. Summer will immediately fret over Harrison and wonder what this means for Ashland and Tara.

As for Tara, she’ll get a text from Sally about an urgent meeting that’ll be a good thing for her.

After Ashland calls, Victoria will agree to have lunch with him. Ashland will admit he wasn’t planning on telling Tara about his imminent death today, but his emotions got the better of him.

Later, Ashland will take Victoria back to her office, where she’ll ask about the future of the Locke Communications Group.

Ashland will admit he doesn’t have a number two who’s ready to take over. Victoria will think that’s a good reason for Ashland to pursue treatment and will admit to doing a little research on some experimental things out there.

Ashland will argue that he’d prefer to keep their conversations illness-free and will wonder what else Victoria would like to talk about. Victoria will suggest that she doesn’t want to talk and will push Ashland to kiss her like he was going to do in New York.

In the Grand Phoenix lobby, Amanda will run into an irate Imani Benedict (Leigh-Ann Rose). Imani will rant about Amanda leaving Sutten’s legal team scrambling.

Imani will add that Sutton feels totally betrayed, but Amanda will be over this whole hot and cold thing that Sutton pulls. Amanda will refuse to cater to someone who left her discarded and forgotten.

When Amanda confirms she’ll continue to pursue answers, Imani will argue that Sutton won’t be happy. Amanda will snap that it’s “too damn bad” since she intends to seek the truth.

Imani will soften a bit and note that she’s decided to hang around Genoa City. She’ll be impressed over the way Amanda stands up to anyone who gets in her way.

Imani will confess she no longer hates the idea of having a sister and will try to make Amanda see that her upbringing wasn’t the greatest either. Amanda will eventually wonder if Imani is staying in town to keep tabs on her, so that’ll lead to another confrontation.

After Amanda stomps off, Devon will spar with Imani as well. Imani will argue that she’s heard Amanda’s twin was just like her. Devon will fire back about how Imani doesn’t need to be badmouthing Amanda or his wife since Imani never even met her.

Imani will argue that the twin she did meet refuses to acknowledge their connection as sisters. “I mean, really, what family does she have left?” Imani will ask before sauntering out.

Just outside her suite, Amanda will find Naya Benedict (Ptosha Storey) waiting. Naya will insist she’s there to warn Amanda that she doesn’t want Sutton Ames for an enemy.

Naya will add that Amanda can’t walk away from this and will push Amanda to stick to the case for the sake of her own well-being.

We’ll fill you in as other Y&R details emerge. The Young and the Restless spoilers say Amanda may be in over her head with this disturbing family of hers!

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