7 Little Johnstons Recap 04/12/22: Season 11 Episode 5 “Mr. Joose Goes to Washington”

Tonight on TLC America’s largest known little family, 7 Little Johnstons returns with an all-new Tuesday, April 12, 2022, episode and we have your 7 Little Johnstons recap below. On tonight’s 7 Little Johnstons Season 11 Episode 5 “Mr. Joose Goes to Washington,” as per the TLC synopsis, “After celebrating Finnish Independence Day, the Johnstons head to Washington, D.C. to show Joose America’s capital. Back in Georgia, Anna and Liz give Jonah’s bachelor pad a makeover..”

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It is Finnish Independence Day so the family is celebrating as their exchange student Joose is still staying with them. Amber has bought Finnish flags and decorations as well as t-shirts. The family makes salmon sound and discusses how the U.S. celebrates independence day. Before they sit to eat, Joose plays his country’s anthem with a trumpet.

While they eat, they ask Joose where he wants to go while he is in the U.S. He would like to go to Washington D.C. Later, Amber and Trent visit Jonah at his apartment. Amber is concerned about Jonah’s lack of decorating and how he has his TV on the coffee table. She offers to have his sisters over to help him. He tells them he doesn’t want “live, laugh, love” signs everywhere. Trent laughs.

Liz and Anna go shopping for Jonah’s apartment. Anna gets stuck on a shelf trying to get a cow painting. She texts Jonah a photo before buying it. Jonah doesn’t want it. Meanwhile, Amber and the family look at a map of D.C. to plot their trip. Alex cannot walk fast and for super long periods of time due to his leg surgery. They may need to find other modes of transportation.

The family arrives in D.C. and rents a petty cab to see the monuments. They take a family photo before heading to see the White House. They can only get so close due to the fences around the white house.

Anna and Liz decorate Jonah’s apartment with pictures, pillows, and more. They hope he likes it. Meanwhile, Amber and the family continue their look around D.C. Joose is really enjoying himself. He notices that the general public really doesn’t care that they are little people. They think the day was a success.

The family visits a spy museum. It is pretty little people-friendly except for a contraption that you hang on to. Some of the family tries but cannot make it. Trent blames it on the antibacterial hand cleaner.

Jonah isn’t overly thrilled that his sisters chose to bless this house’s pillows. After the family comes home from D.C., Amber and Trent visit Jonah. Amber likes how Anna and Liz did. Jonah’s house looks proper now to her. He doesn’t agree. Trent thinks he needs to try and keep his TV stand where it is. Its smart to have it in the corner. Jonah jokes that his house is definitely blessed.


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