Queen Elizabeth Looks Amazing Amidst Ill-Health Rumors

Queen Elizabeth seemed to struggle with recent festivals and appearances for her Platinum Jubilee. Of course, the media were all about looking for trouble between Prince Harry and Prince William. However, a lot of articles noted that their grandmother didn’t look well. Nevertheless, this week she looked wonderful.

Queen Elizabeth Wasn’t Well & Lots Of Rumors Arose

In 2020, when Princess Beatrice married Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, Prince Phillip and his wife attended and they both looked quite healthy. Unfortunately, since then, he passed away. Obviously, she took his death very hard as they were married longer than many fans had been alive. So, she stayed very quiet for a bit as she grieved.

Things got worse for Queen Elizabeth when the news arrived that she seemed to be in ill health. That started in 2021 when she missed the nation’s Remembrance Sunday event. Later, the palace said that she did something that hurt her back. By April this year, those who follow the royals heard that she didn’t have a fast recovery from covid-19.

Queen Elizabeth Looks Remarkably Good This Week

Despite all the stories about how the old monarch is getting so ill and frail, she looked stunning, and a photo emerged on Instagram. @theroyalcourier shared it on June 28. In the caption, it said, “Her Majesty is in Scotland for Holyrood Week and is looking absolutely stunning! It’s always so good to see her smile!”

Fans of the monarchy thought that Queen Elizabeth looked fantastic. One of them commented, “The Queen is remarkable. Not many people are that active many decades younger. Her Majesty embodies what it means to be a Monarch. God Bless HMTQ and Long May She Reign.

Weird Theories

In the post about Queen Elizabeth in Scotland this week, nobody came up with any weird theories as to why she looked so well. However, across other sites like Twitter, some people come up with the strangest theories.

They offer suggestions that she’s a shape-shifting alien. Others suggest that she died years ago and is a clone. Or, they theorize that she has a double or someone wearing a look-alike mask.

Queen Elizabeth Comes From Strong Genes

Probably, the fact that the monarch looked so good relates to her genetic makeup. After all, her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria ruled for 63 years and died in her 80s. Bear in mind, back then health facilities were not modern by today’s standards. Perhaps, if Victoria lived now, she too would have made it into her late 90s.

What are your thoughts on how well the Queen looked during her visit to Scotland? Sound off in the comments below.

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