Charles “Helter Skelter” Manson Turns 75 In Jail – Spends His Days Working On Environmental Philosophy

ATWA – an acronym for Air, Trees, Water, Animals – the ecological philosophy espoused by Manson and his new followers blames the government for hiding the truth of extensive damage and poisoning of our environment. Manson apparently has acquired new followers although he resides inside California State Prison at Corcoran – people have relocated from as far away as Illinois to live near their guru!

Manson is against damaging the environment and wants a war on pollution where any damage to the air will be considered a crime.  His new acolytes range from young to old and cover both sexes.   It seems that once you’ve got that charisma you don’t lose it and now that Manson has decided to get behind the increasingly popular ‘green’ movement perhaps he will have better success at his next parole hearing.
  • liberty belle

    Just to clarify. Charles does not have “followers”. He has friends and associates who care for him and his wellbeing. He is not a “leader”. He is a brilliant man who is passionate about saving/defending ATWA (air.trees.water.animals).He speaks the truth and has never lied. While he is not a leader, he is someone who we all could benefit from looking up to and listening to.

    • Tell that to Sharon Tate & baby!