Kesha Wants To Swim Naked With Britney Spears

Kesha Wants To Swim Naked With Britney Spears

How could Britney Spears and Kesha celebrate their current chart topping successes? Easy enough, according to Kesha!

She said, “Skinny dipping. It would be a dress up like Kesha or Britney party. Either her place or my place, it doesn’t matter.”

Honey, I don’t even think Britney would even know who she is. Ha. Still, Kesha wants her to venture on over to her place, because she installed an underwater stereo system.

She said, “I have a small, salt-water pool that has laser beams in it and a stereo so you can be under water listening to music. It’s really magical.”

Is anyone else sick of this glitter crapping campaign to make us all think that she’s some flower child space cadet? The jig is up, Kesha, and so are your fifteen minutes.

Photo Credit: Ray Garbo/