Meet Jim Parson’s Boyfriend Todd Spiewak (PHOTOS)

Jim Parson’s boyfriend Todd Spiewak is about to become famous, even though he probably doesn’t want to. Since the Big Bang Theory actor made the official announcement that he is in fact gay, people have been searching trying to find out who Parson’s partner, gay lover and friend is, the guy who Jim has been hiding from the world for ten years. Rumors were swirling a few years ago back when the National Enquirer’s stories were questionable, but it seems as if they got this one right. Parsons is in fact gay, however this isn’t new news to the gay community.

In 2010, the Enquirer said that on Emmy’s night when Parsons won an Emmy, he thanked his (then-rumored) man AND reportedly proposed to him! Check out the excerpt:

Jim Parsons walked off with two fantastic prizes the very same night – an Emmy and a husband! The 37-year-old star celebrated his victory by proposing to longtime boyfriend Todd Spiewak – and now they are planning a Christmastime trip to Massachusetts where they’ll tie the knot, say insiders.

“After he got his award, he told Todd the only thing that would make him happier is if they got married – and Todd quickly said yes,” a close pal of the couple told The Enquirer. Jim and 33-year-old Todd, an art director, began dating three years ago and moved into an LA house last year. The actor has never publicly come out of the closet, but he hasn’t attempted to hide the fact that he and Todd are a couple. “Jim is very quiet about the relationship because he lives an extremely private life, but they’re very much in love,” said the pal.

That same year, Queerty reported that the couple were engaged and it wasn’t exactly a secret in the gay community.

And while we don’t really know for sure if they are secretly married, I’m pretty sure they may feel a bit of relief that they no longer have to “hide” anymore.

As for a Todd Spiewak biography? We don’t know much. We found a profile on Facebook (but it has since been taken down) that looks like his, however it is rarely updated. We also found a Livejournal blog that appears to belong to both Todd and Jim or a fan of the gay couple. You can check that out here. There are tons of photos that have been posted of the two together there including a few from a basketball game in March of 2012.

Congratulations to Jim Parsons and his partner! Here’s to a long-lasting relationship!

Check out Parson’s Emmys 2010 acceptance speech below.

Images via Getty Images/Tumblr

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    Is there anyone who didn’t know that he is gay?  This is not news.  But I still love him, and the show.  :o)

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      i love Jim Parson sooo Much!! this is not news but really i wish them so much happiness in the world. One day i hope iwill get chance to meet him! xx

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    I hate gays hope they burn in HELL

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