Jennifer Lawrence Makes Out With A Dark-Haired Female Friend – Is The Oscar Winner Gay?

Jennifer Lawrence Makes Out With A Dark-Haired Female Friend – Is The Oscar Winner Gay?

Is Jennifer Lawrence gay? An Oscar win usually pops the pimple on the grieving gossip face of society. Several times in the past, actresses won Oscars, became as famous as whales, and appeared on every cover of every entertainment magazine. The headlines, usually ludicrous, accentuated their success through clever tag-lines and niche articles. (We’re almost one hundred percent certain Meryl Streep was once accused of weaving orphan hair into her dress, but we could be mistaken).

One of these Oscar winners, Jennifer Lawrence, is currently being held under the burning tap of public opinion. Her face is everywhere – even in our nightmares – and her career success is being plastered all over the world. It happened suddenly; as if a drunken person with a stolen bag of Post-Its and a deviant obsession with Lawrence went on a midnight rampage after watching The Hunger Games.

According to Star magazine, Lawrence is not only super famous, but she also has a “secret side” filled with “drugs, booze, and strip clubs”. (Ooh!) A source alleges, “[She] has been celebrating nonstop [since her Oscar win]”, and that she had been “partying it up” at a hotel in Hawaii while becoming “hot and heavy with a mysterious dark-haired female ‘friend’, fueling rumors that the Kentucky-born beauty may be gay!” Another witness purports that when Lawrence visited a strip club, she was holding hands with this anonymous dark-haired woman while sipping shots from the belly of a German dwarf.

(Okay, the German thing didn’t really happen).

Lawrence might have canoodled with a dark-haired friend, and she might have drunk more alcohol than a nervous nun at a Metallica concert, but this still does not make her “unorthodox”. In fact, a quick flirt and a bottle of Tequila go hand in hand in Hollywood land.

As the saying goes in the world of celebrity and gossip (or just in our minds), “A gay day is everyone’s day!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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