Kristen Stewart The New Face of Chanel – Shot By Karl Lagerfeld

Kristen Stewart The New Face of Chanel - Shot By Karl Lagerfield

Twilight fans will be absolutely thrilled to learn that their girl, Kristen Stewart has been named the newest face of Chanel!  The 23-year-old actress will be the face of Chanel’s 2013-14 ‘Metiers d’Art’ Paris-Dallas collection and just yesterday she was spotted posing for pics at the collection’s show at Fair Park in Dallas,  Texas. The campaign itself is set to be shot by the legendary Karl Lagerfeld early next year.

Can you believe that this amazing brand, rooted in beauty and grace would want our favorite misery princess to represent it in an advertising campaign? I mean Kristen isn’t exactly the kind of beauty that they normally gravitate toward and her prickly demeanor comes through every time she’s seen. Perhaps Chanel is simply looking to cause a stir and this decision will make people talk which will most certainly accomplish part of their mission.

Brad Pitt was chosen as the face of Chanel No. 5 recently and his commercials were viewed as really awkward, but they made people notice and helped to introduce Chanel to a different audience. Maybe that is the thinking. Kristen is so definitively known by younger audiences and those are the future Chanel buyers ultimately. Twilight was huge and its marketing made Kristen a household name. That likely means that her pitching a product will probably equal big money too, right?  Do you agree with their choice of Kristen for this campaign? If not, who do you think would have been a better fit? If Chanel wanted an edgier look, isn’t there someone that would embody that a bit better?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Jem

    I’m not even a fan, but I kind of delight in her succeeding because she paid the price and then some for her major mistake and people kept trying to still kick her…Russell Crow got 1/100th of this when he was caught KStew stye cheating and he also did a lot worse things in addition to that.

    Anyway, so fronting Chanel, Balenciaga perfume, and some movie at Sundance and more lined up. Cackling. You go Glen Coco, simply because I find the outrage over her success (mostly by the RPattz stans but by others too) delicious. I know that’s not really a good reason to route someone on, but still I find it so amusing.

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