Phil Robertson Wants Duck Dynasty To End: Created Controversy In Order to Kill Show?

Phil Robertson Wants Duck Dynasty To End: Created Controversy In Order to Kill Show?

We see so many reality stars that purposely look for ways to keep extending their 15 minutes of fame that I think we almost forget that not everyone in the spotlight really wants to be there. Phil Robertson was supposedly always reluctant to bring his family’s lifestyle to television and now a few years in he certainly isn’t happy. A&E has tried to shift and change the way that his family is presented in order to make them a little more PC and perhaps audience friendly. Instead it totally blew up in their faces with Phil deciding to use his GQ interview as an opportunity to make his personal beliefs extremely clear.

According to the Jan. 6th print edition of National Enquirer Phil knew that his comments were going to incite a bit of a media riot. Of course he knew, this guy may act all backwoods but he’s also well educated and runs a multi-million dollar business. Nothing is accidental and if the media frenzy over the last two weeks had resulted in Duck Dynasty being pulled from the air Phil would have been pretty happy about it. He is currently under contract to A&E, but if he had been fired, well then that actually would have been fine with him and the rest of the family was standing firmly behind him.

Now that it has been announced that Phil’s suspension is over and that the show will go on, I have to wonder what he is thinking. If he was hoping that his comments would ultimately torpedo the series then he has to be seriously disappointed. In fact the show and Phil are more famous than ever! When the show resumes filming do you think that any of the drama will be touched on? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • gessie

    I think your headline is misleading, and your story is a work of fiction as is your habit.