The Young and the Restless Fans Outraged: Jill Farren Phelps Fires Billy Miller

The Young and the Restless Fans Outraged: Jill Farren Phelps Fires Billy Miller, Another Popular Actor

Soap fans really hate executive producer Jill Farren Phelps, don’t they? It doesn’t matter what show she is affiliated with, I don’t think any other big wig makes people angrier. According to the Dec. 16th print edition of GLOBE Magazine, Jill has been weaving her special cut throat style of storytelling over at The Young and the Restless in recent months and the fans are none too happy. Jill has a history of taking over the reigns of a show and firing key players so that she can introduce actors that she loves working with. In the last year Genie Francis, Michelle Stafford and Debbi Morgan have all been fired with little notice and now another veteran cast member is joining them on the slag heap.

Billy Abbot is one of Y&R’s most popular core characters and for the last 5 years – he has been played by Billy Miller who is one of the show’s biggest heartthrobs. When Miller asked for a bit more time off than usual in order to pursue prime time work, Jill said no way. He was either all in for Y&R or else he was out. Eventually Miller was shown the door and David Tom was recast as Billy Abbot. Tom portrayed the character from 1999-2002 and the turn around was so quick it caused insiders to wonder if he was preferred by Jill all along.

Needless to say, Y&R fans are up in arms because day players often request time off to film other projects. What Miller had asked for was really nothing out of the ordinary it simply provided Jill with an opportunity to fire him. I guess it would be okay if Jill’s slick moves meant that the shows ratings were better but the opposite has happened. For the first time in years, Y&R has dropped from first place in the standings and the exit of Miller isn’t going to bolster them back up. Usually Jill leaves a show worse than she found it and longtime Y&R fans are watching their show crumble. Do you think that Jill will be replaced before she makes more costly decisions? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Stormster

    Seriously?? Who hired Phelps and, more importantly, why?? Over the past several months, she has systematically and deliberately compromised the foundations upon which Y&R were built. First, to kill off two characters (Phyllis and Adam) who were pillars of Y&R, and then to fire Billy Miller… A trifecta of poorly thought-out (if indeed any thinking went into the process) decisions. Who’s next? Victor?? Jack?? On the plus side, I’ll now have an extra hour a day — maybe work off my frustration at the gym!

  • Carol Bradley

    The fact that Billy Miller has been fired from the Y& R is deplorable. Before Jill Farren Phelps does any more harm to this long running show she should be fired. Then when she is repalaced with a new Executive Producer at the very least a serious appology give to Miller and rehire him with a generous salary incentive. If this doesn’t happen soon the Y& R will never survive.

  • janice

    I have watched y&r for years but I might have to change that now. Billy Miller is one of my favorite on the show as was Michael, without these two actors to keep things stirred up it just might be time to stop setting the dvr everyday! I have watched Billy in every show he has done and I see no reason that he should of been fired just because he is doing what everyone else is, filming others shows while still doing Y & R! so upset to see two of my favorite leave and at once!!

  • Nicole

    Bring back billy miller!!!!!!!! There is no one better as billy! I’m going to quit watching until he’s back for good!!!!!

  • celina hostetter

    Get someone else that knows what there doing. Loosing the Best Actors is the worst thing she could have done.

  • youngrestlessfam

    If Jill is the evil witch causing all of these changes SHE HAS GOT TO GO! She obviously doesn’t understand the show and it’s fan base. I loved Billy and hate that he left. With so few soap operas left this one may bite the dust if she continues her style of hacking the staff. Too bad!!

  • Sally

    Outraged with the recent firings – lost 3 of the best characters on the show. It’s the proverbial cutting off one’s nose to spite their face. Or more like a juvenile having a tantrum and wanting her best buddies to play on her team with no regard to what is best for the show and certainly not what the viewers want.

  • Soap Lover

    This is ridiculous! All the favorites are gone or going. This Jill person needs to get her act together or Y&R will be going off the air just like AMC and OLTL did.

  • Lisa Yarbrough

    If she’s such a B****and can’t let actors and actresses do things outside of Y&R then get rid of her I hate what she’s done getting rid of two great actors!!!!!

  • loyal fan since 1973

    Who hired Jill? Fire the both of them!

  • treal

    What is she doing to the higher ups to get these jobs of hers?? I mean I realize her “position” is behind the scenes, but I think it’s behind the scenes where she’s getting her “position”!!

  • Tricia

    Bring miller back. My goodness this new/old billy doesn’t work anymore

  • Rhonda Darby

    Well it is clear that the changes that this Jill person is making is not favored at all we can complain and say we are not going to watch which yes that will happen lets see if any of our comments mean a darn thing to them. It is so apparent that NO ONE is happy with the firing of Billy Miller now and far as Michael Muhney he needs to keep his hands to himself and all would be good and for Phyllis quit dragging this out wake her sassy butt up and move on. As hard as these actors work and the awards that they achieve they should be awarded some time off without grief. So with that said beware too many changes could or will make your fan followers lose interest in the show. Why change a good thing add things don’t delete things so to speak Make your fans Happy!

  • Janet S

    Michelle Stafford’s Phyllis and Michael Muhney’s Adam were the most intriguing, interesting, exciting and attractive actors / characters in the show. Liked Billy Miller, too, but the Delia story line has dragged out and become ridiculously myopic. Writing and story lines have become more unbelievable than usual over past several months. And when the heck is Sharon going to tell the truth about changing Summer’s dna results!? If all this is because of Farren Phelps, then I agree, she’s ruining the show.

  • Rose Lapp

    I have been a Y&R fan for over 25 years, but the recent changes are about to change that!! The “new” Billy is a horrible actor, so forced & fake!!! I disliked him right off the bat!!!! I hope that you bring Billy Miller back ASAP!! What a train wreck Y&R has become. Very disappointing.

  • betty dearing

    im pissed of loosing both !!!!!!!!! and were is Phylis, no Billy,or Adam i loved all three no one elese can take there place already the new billy sucks he and victoria look so un easy together

  • DanaD.

    I can’t believe she fired Billy only to replace him with someone who looks like a kid instead of a gorgeous heartthrob,loved by all , kind of MAN! I did not know Michelle also had been fired. I kept hoping she would return. She made the show! And to also fire “Adam”. I think we can all agree the one who needs fired is the one doing the firing. She is making bad decisions and whoever is her boss needs to rethink where this soap is going. Right now it’s heading to the trash. I def. will rethink continuing watching it. And I’ve watched for years. FIRE JILL!

  • Donna A

    I’ve been anxiously awaiting Phyllis Stafford’s return. I’m disappointed to learn that she was fired. I’m honestly indifferent to the loss of Michael Muhney but firing Billy Miller is inexcusable. I am hard core – I watched ATWT and GL to the bitter end but my patience is running out. I have given up on B & B, this Wyatt character disgusts me and I see Y & R heading down the same path. What a shame.

  • Jeannie Hartley

    Maurico, I apologise as clearly I am probably wrong. But I have heard and read conflicting stories about why Michelle Stafford had left. I was under the impression that she had been fired. I would rather believe you are correct that she left of her on volition because that is what she wanted. What a wonderful actress she is. Regardless I am sorry to see so much tremendous talent leaving Y & R. From the fabulous legendary Jeanne Cooper dying last year and all the others that have left up to both Michael Muhney and Billy Martin. I do sense a serious downward spiral that seems to be growing exponentially for The Young and the Restless. Really sorry its taken this turn. My mother and I have watched from the beginning until she passed away in 2004. I had initially thought Stafford had left for personal reasons and then I had been corrected by others telling me she had been let go. Billy Martin, Stafford, Delia and Michael Muhney were 4 of my favorite actors on Y & R. I think that if any daytime drama shifts or removes multiple characters in a relatively short period of time they take a considerable risk of losing alot of otherwise very dedicated viewers and fans.

  • beek

    I have been watching this show since i was 10years old…lets say a few decades ago at least…back when Nickie…was a stripper and Jill was a manicurist…you get the picture. Anyways, this is worst year, favorite characters being fired, Phyllis, Billy, Micheal…poor little Delia. Please, however, fire the new character playing Billy, I disliked his portrayal of Billy the first time round, its just painful to watch him act.
    To the produces and writers…”Change is not always a good thing” unless it is the firing of Jill Phelps.
    It is time for me to move on from this soap, after about 30 plus years watching it…it is time to say good by, it is a very sad reality.

    Lauralee Bell aka “Cricket” , please save this show…Your dad would have wanted you too.

  • saddened fan

    Replace her she doesnt care about the fans that love Y&R! She has her own agenda! I have watched this show since I was a little girl and the past couole of changes make me not even care whats going on! Im sure other fans feel the same way!

  • Nancy Berryhill

    OMG! Am I gonna have to stop watching Y&R, she is making a big mess, is Y&R gonna end up off the air like Guiding Light and All My Children???????> stop this madness NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Barbara Bemis

    get rid of her she sucks.billy miller and michael muhney were one to the reasons i watched.not going to watch it anymore.the story lines are so stupid now with her in charge.good bye y&r with her in charge

  • kan

    New Billy is Not a good actor. No sincerity. To forced
    time for a new show. P.U

  • Cindy Foreman

    The show is really going downhill. They are losing too many good characters like Billy Miller, Michael Muhney, and Michelle Stafford. Too many story lines left unsolved. And killing the character of Delia was an all time low. Young and the Restless was always sophisticated and had a lot of character. Seems like Jill phelps needs to be fired!!!!

  • Cathy Novaresi

    I’m in complete agreement with axing Jill. I’m sick of the sick story lines. I have been watching Y&R since it’s debut. I’m so done with the dismissal of Miller and Muhney. When I hear the bitch is gone, I’ll come back. A woman does not have to act like a man to have power. That’s the excuse of the weak and insecure. I will miss some of the remaining cast members……ESCAPE WHILE CAN!!!!

  • snoyl3

    I think Jill needs to be fired! First off Billy was best played by Billy Miller and actors go out of town all of the time. Michael Muhney makes an awesome Adam. If it’s true that his behavior with the younger actresses was questionable, why wasn’t something done about it when it was first reported? Was this woman also responsible for Phyllis’ long coma? Is Phyllis EVER going to come back? Y&R is going to become quite boring, and you can say goodbye to the no. 1 ratings. Fire the woman before she causes irreparable damage to the show!

  • rhonda rollins

    let us fans show her our backside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rhonda rollins

    are you really talking about a VCR, we haveDVRs now, welcome to 2014

  • rhonda rollins

    Do you read what you type, you dont make sense!!!

  • K. Jackson

    If what you say about JFP is true, what do we do about it? I went on line and they flat out don’t want fan mail/response. It’s really bad business and painful to watch …. bless Tom’s heart . . . this role has outgrown him.

  • Michele

    My favorite soap is really going downhill over the past 6 months. Firing most of my favorite and some of the most talented daytime actors. I swear one more actor off the show I am quitting watching Y&R after 20 years!! The Bells, please, fire that lady, bring the actors back and somehow Delhia too, which was an inappropriate storyline. I miss Michelle, Billy and Michael!!

  • angel

    I can’t BELIEVE the recent decisions made here! This lady sucks! I’m so glad I searched on their website, I was wondering what happened to my boy Billy, and boy Oh boy…. Mahuney!!! What the heck is going on! I have been watching Y&R since a young kid, and man of course a lot has changed. The hay day of the soaps are sadly winding up. I love this daytime drama. I hate all these crazy changes of characters, and their roles too…. Hopefully before its all over too soon…. they can get someone that truley knows what Y&R needs to survive for hopefully several more years.

  • Marianne

    I think Jill Phelps needs to leave the show bring back Michael and billy Miller hunter king is not a favorite as the men are remember u have women watching. BRING THEM BACK

  • Marianne Taylor Schurg

    are they crazy,billy is the best actor on daytime tv,i think i’m gonna stop watching this show

  • beachmom

    If this Jill Farren Phelps is the blame for the talented actors exiting the show then she needs to leave. It’s obvious she doesn’t know talented actors when she sees them. Billy Miller is one of the most passionate actors I’ve seen in a long time, he really made his character seem real, such a big loss to the show, and he was nice to look at. I’m not a fan of David Tom.

  • Kate

    Billy Miller was one of my favorite actors! He gave Billy a certain spark he didn’t have before. He was hysterical and so “real”. Getting rid him was moronic.

  • Veronica

    Bring Billy Miller back. He played Billy Abbott’s character far better than this new guy (I don’t know his name).

  • wct

    why would you all let Jill Fhelps ruin a good soap? Shame on you. I ‘ve been a fan since 1974 but no longer watch this soap. I’ ve always been told if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Why let her ruin this. I guess you guys don’t care about us, THE FANS

  • lkannady

    I have been watching Y & R since it debuted when I was in high school. This is the first time in all that time that I am thinking of tuning out. Billy Miller and Michael Muhney are two of the main reasons I held in there over the past couple of years. I am glad Steve Burton is there, but once he left General Hospital, I stopped watching it. You can’t move or oust people like this without there being some blowback. There are too few soaps on these days and the fans have had enough whiplash. I know I have.

  • Dawn

    Wth is this jill lady. I was wondering why the show was sucking so bad lately and.this new Billy.has to go. I cant even watch.him. Hes horrible and not yummie as Billy.Miller

  • 30 year fan

    Billy Miller was FANTASTIC as Billy – this new Billy is so incredibly weak… The kind of actor I expect to see on OTHER Soaps – the ones I DON’T watch… And Michele Stafford is INCREDIBLE – hope they can come back… The show is hurting with this new leadership…

  • lulu

    Get rid of her !!! I loved Billy Miller he made his character someone I’d wanted to watch. He had chemistry with Victoria Newman on the show, I don’t like this new Billy Abbott
    ( David Tom) there’s no life to his character he can’t replace Billy Miller !!!!!