The Young and the Restless: Jill Farren Phelps Strikes Again Killing Off Child Actor and Inflaming Fans

The Young and the Restless: Jill Farren Phelps Strikes Again Killing Off Child Actor and Inflaming Fans

The Young and the Restless’ producer, Jill Farren Phelps sure does have a way of pissing off the show’s long time fans. She is a veteran daytime producer who has spent decades hopping from show to show, always causing upheaval before she moves on. Phelps has had the bad habit of forgetting show history and firing longtime fan favorites in order to make room for some of her friends in the industry.

According to GLOBE, print edition Nov 4th, The latest casualty of Phelps’ heavy hand is 8-year old Sophie Pollono who played Delia Abbott on Y&R. The character was the victim of a hit and run driver on the Oct. 11th episode, a shocking move that has enraged viewers and struck a fearful chord with the other actors on the show. Killing off a child on a soap is tricky territory and often considered to be a huge no-no. If a producer wants to tell that kind of story the child is usually sick, giving the audience a chance to realize what is happening. Losing a child in real life is crushing and soap fans often view these characters in the same way because they spend time with them each day.

The Young and the Restless: Jill Farren Phelps Strikes Again Killing Off Child Actor and Inflaming Fans

As for the rest of the shows’ actors they are seriously worried about any type of job security- not that the soap world is exactly stable to begin with. However with Phelps legacy of firing fan favorites and this recent move which proves that she is a cut throat boss that will do whatever it takes to tell the story that she envisions, well everyone fears that their job is in jeopardy. Rightfully so because Phelps has let it be known that there are a few more actors that she worked with while at General Hospital that she would love to welcome into the Y&R fold. It’s no wonder everyone is nervous and the fans are fuming!

Do you think that Phelps’ decision making will ultimately cost the show in the long run? Tell us your thoughts ion the comments below!


28 responses to “The Young and the Restless: Jill Farren Phelps Strikes Again Killing Off Child Actor and Inflaming Fans”

  1. disqus_GwhOnlq22o says:

    Who keeps hiring this cunt?

  2. gonoles1 says:

    She is going to ruin this show. Removing Phyliss and now the death of Delia. I can’t even watch the Delia parts, so disturbing. When Phyliss left the show just got boring. Sharon cannot pull in the fans like Phyliss.

  3. vanessa melcher says:

    It was the wrong decision. I’m disappointed. It has ruined the show. And truthfully Adam could really use a break.

  4. Baby says:

    It really sucks why did they kill off Delia and what is up with Phyllis I really dont like watching it anymore

  5. smokeycat1938 says:

    I have been watching Y&R since the 80’s, but now I am losing interest. Some story lines just drag on and on until you don’t give a s*** about the whole thing. Some of the people that are leaving will take away a lot of the fan base with them. If this keeps up, I will quit watching and use my time constructively by coloring in color books. Bah humbug on Phelps! smokeycat1938

  6. Sonya Hairston says:

    I came across these posts looking for a forum to speak out on some of the “awful” things happening on one of my two favorite soaps…I can’t believe another major cast member is exiting the show! Phyllis was one thing, now Billy!! And, I still don’t understand the Dehlia thing and having Adam be the culprit! Really! It’s stupid! I’ve gone from DVR’ing every day to deleting! The writers and execs really need the rethink a few things! The same goes for the Bold & Beautiful cause if I watch Hope and Liam go through another failed attempt at a wedding, I am going to scream!

  7. Texasbred says:

    Michael Muhney is Adam Newman and they cant replace him successfully anymore than fans can be ok with M. Stafford gone or Billy Miller or Victor (Eric Braeden). Phelps is upsetting the fans and the sponsors and CBS should take notice. There is no show if the fans get tired of her stupid moves. I’m so upset over all of the good actors leaving.

  8. Ann302 says:

    Having watched the Y&R since day one in 1973, I am very concerned that Phelps will leave more casualties and upheaval at the Y&R before she departs for more ‘slash and burn’ behavior at yet another daytime soap. Where is the continuity in the Y&R? For example, Muhney, as Adam Newman, hated at times as much as his father, acted out so believably all the appropriate narcissistic, sociopathic and body language characteristics of his father that it would have been such a natural transition for him to eventually replace the ‘great one’ as head of the Newman clan, but this apparently is not to be. Phelps, as she has done in the past and will do again, lost sight of the aim and dropped the ball! She should be fired before she has the opportunity to impart further damage to this endearing daytime soap. As a final note, it’s about time the balance of power shifted….Victor Newman and Eric Braeden have far too much power as to what transpires with this soap, both on and off the screen, negatively affecting too many people.

  9. Michele says:

    She’s ruining the show.

  10. Rocky says:

    She is going to DESTROY the best soap around! I’ve watched this soap for more than 30yrs. She needs to return to wherever she came from. Very unhappy fan!!!! ????????????

  11. jasmine says:

    Why would CBS let her run this show in the ground?? Most of my reasons for watching are gone. I am disappointed in the network. She apparently has a history of doing this on other networks so it seems like Y&R suicide to me. Get it together before its history like Guiding Light and As the World Turns!!

  12. EsterKillTheMaidLook! says:

    All I can say is my while family watched it. Then once DD was killed and phyliss gone everyone was disturbed and stopped. I can understand if these STARS wanted to leave, but to get rid of the STARS OF THE SHOW is dupid. Fans make the show… why upset them? Mom says DOwN WiTH PHELPS!!!

  13. r says:

    I have been watching this show since 1974(pretty much since the beginning), and I can honestly say this is the worst year, for getting rid of characters and the actors that play those roles, ie: Phyllis, Billy Miller(best Billy ever), and Micheal and of course the worst of all …Delia. Im not sure what the produces, writers etc…are trying to do, with this show, but change is not always a good thing.
    For the first time since I started watching , I honestly feel I am done, time to move on. Im sure they will be getting rid of Nickie soon and then of course the all time Icon..”Victor” . Definitely time to move on…for me anyways.
    Maybe “Cricket”…needs to start writing and producing, bring back her dads outlook…for the Y& R

  14. Linda Grice says:

    I think they should fire Jill Farren Phelps and bring back Michelle Stafford, Michael Muhlvey, and Billy Miller. The show is not the same without these key actors.

  15. Linda Grice says:

    Yes kill her contract snd bring back all the actors she axed so I can enjoy my favorite soap again.

  16. Linda Grice says:

    That is a good idea. They did in Dallas why not Y&R

  17. Phyllis Kirby Travis says:

    Let’ do revolt.

  18. Kimmy J says:

    Why did Billy Miller have to go? He had true chemistry with Victoria! David Tom totally sucks in that role…no chemistry whatsoever. I’ve been watching this soap since 1978….not anymore…I will find something else to devote an hour to each day, something that has storylines that deserve a loyal fanbase. You blew it Ms. Phelps and the Bell family for letting her do it!

  19. JR says:

    Her approach to the show is very pedestrian and pathetic. The show is just simple and dull since she came on the scene. It really takes daytime to a new low and makes it seems just second-rate. SHE IS A FAILURE.

  20. LeRoy says:

    Have watched Y&R for 30 years. Agree with comments that it is going down the drain now. I FF and delete on my DVR. That Phillips woman needs to go!

  21. jill.j says:

    I was wondering why this show has gotten so bad! She is killing it slowly…Is this the same chick who was running GH??? Cause iys a sinking ship….poor Y&R…..

  22. Was fan for life says:

    I want my Billy back!!!! The producer is going to kill this Soap that I have followed for 35 years . My suggestion is this Phelps chick needs to be FIRED!!

  23. Letsgo says:

    Maybe it is time that
    Jill Farren Phelps needs to get fire or put on the other side of the fence…. so she know how it feels but dont let her back… she is ruin this show

  24. NikkiAshley says:

    I agree. I was truly hurt when she killed off beautiful Delia…why? I don’t like the new Billy at all. He doesn’t fit the character and the whole Stitch and Kelly story line is a joke. Victoria with a murderer and no backbone for a Newman…what a joke. Billy Miller is her man and no one else. Get rid of Jill Phelps!!!!