‘General Hospital’ Alum Steve Burton Returns to the World of Soap Opera with a Controversial Bang

'General Hospital' Alum Steve Burton Returns to the World of Soap Opera with a Controversial Bang

Back in August Steve Burton stunned the soap world by announcing that after 20 years of playing Jason Morgan on General Hospital he was leaving the business to go and lead a quiet life in Tennessee with his wife and kids. At the time the move was surprising, but respected. I mean he had spent twenty years in front of the camera breathing life into a character that in spite of being a hit man, was absolutely adored by fans.

Over the years Burton has forged a close friendship with Jill Farren Phillips, a former GH producer who currently is running the show over at The Young and the RestlessPhillips spent several weeks last fall cleaning house at Y&R, firing long running fan favorite actors with minimal explanation for her actions causing an uproar amongst fans. Now according to the GLOBE Burton is on his way into a cushy, contracted role at Y&R and that all of that firing was actually to provide enough of a budget for the soap to be able to offer Burton a job.

Y&R fans are absolutely furious that they had to sacrifice favorites in order to pay for a defector from GH and the fans that watched Burton on GH are even more incensed. They believe he lied about his reasons for leaving and in doing so had no respect for them and the loyalty that they’ve shown him over the last two decades.

Burton recently spoke out about his job change and explained it this way.

I told my manager [that] if can keep my family there and I can spend time with them and come back and forth [to Los Angeles for work], I would do that in a second. And without hesitation, CBS Daytime made that deal really quickly. This is crazy, but I am just so grateful to have the best of both worlds.” 

Do you believe that it was just a coincidence that allowed Burton the time to relocate his family and then begin a new chapter in soap history, or was it planned from the get-go? What do you think about Steve Burton/The Young and the Restless‘ newest addition? If he and Phillips are so tight, I have to think she laid out a plan of some kind, don’t you? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below! Crazy world of Soap Operas!

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8 responses to “‘General Hospital’ Alum Steve Burton Returns to the World of Soap Opera with a Controversial Bang”

  1. Marla Summers says:

    Jill Phillips is the WORST writer in history, she has ruined Y&R! Fires Genevieve, Ashley, now Tucker. Keeps the bratty kids & stupid Chelse, Chloe & Jill….I dont watch Y&R anymore cause its a constant & stupid same ole, same ole.
    I watch Days of our lives now with excellent writers & the show is now a LOT better than Y&R

  2. […] the bad.  General Hospital fans recently were enraged to learn that their longtime favorite actor, Steve Burton had been a bit shady on his departure from the show. He had originally said that he wanted to spend more time with his […]

  3. Sch says:

    Did not care for Steve Burton from the first days at Y&R. Now, after reading this, I am disgusted! This news, makes it so easy to not watch Y&R after Michael Muhney is gone!!

  4. Just me says:

    FOJ strikes again – you’d think she would have learned. She was at the helm of Guiding Light when she pushed out people like Beverly McKinsey who’s character of Alexandria Spaulding was the powerful rich and iconic. She killed the character of Maureen Bauer – the one character that provided the link between all the families and was the heart of the show was Maureen Bauer – so Jill killed that character off also – talk about a show killer. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate Steve Burton – I just don’t love the character they’ve created.

  5. patte008 says:

    I agree he should go back where his fans loved him! He doesn’t hold a candle to Michael Muhney. I saw this coming when you started seeing Adam less and Dylan more. Bad move!

  6. loree says:

    All I say is wow. At least some truth is coming out now. Days of our Lives, here I come… back.. I left Days wen I started Y & R years back but this past year writing has been terrible and deletion of cast members disrespectful of fans especially Billy Miller and Michael Muhney. Done with Y & R

  7. RedRiver38 says:

    Steve Burton, aka: Agent Orange, is Jill Farren Phelps pet monkey. He’s a non-talent that held General Hospital hostage for years. Once he left, that show has flourished as Phelps’ horror ended there. Now she’s brought her horror to Y&R, which will eventually fall prey to her foolish storylines, FOJs, and the “great” Stevie B. This whole thing is a set up and as she got her iron grip on the show, she ran off top talent like Michelle Stafford, Billy Miller, and Michael Muhney. She wanted them gone and got her way. Well, enjoy this show as it sinks into the muck.