Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo Hold Hands For Paparazzi – Fake Relationship For PR

Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo Hold Hands For Paparazzi - Fake Relationship For PR

You have to hand it to Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo – they’re going to milk this romance or fauxmance for all it’s worth. Whether they’re actually together or not, they’re not going to risk ruining what’s turning out to be a very lucrative financial arrangement for them. Thus, we present the PDA-filled Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell publicity tour.

The ‘couple’ was photographed holding hands and kissing at the Miami airport after returning from a wedding abroad, and they made sure the paparazzi spotted them. Of course, it wouldn’t be very surprising to hear that Juan and Nikki were the ones who called the paparazzi there to begin with, especially since I don’t really think the paps frequent Miami airport all that much.

It was also reported that both Juan and Nikki will be getting almost $20,000 for an Atlantic City public appearance, and they can easily continue to rake in the cash – so long as they pretend to be in love. And a large portion of the public’s gullible enough to fall for it, despite Juan’s horrendous behavior on the Bachelor. But now that the show’s over and they don’t need to rely on the Bachelor anymore, they can do whatever they want in their free time, so long as they front being a happy couple in public.

Win-win for both of them. And of course, after public interest wanes and there’s no longer a financial reason to stay together, expect a ‘breakup’ announcement. It’s no different from what other Bachelor couples have done in the past, it’s just that Juan Pablo’s such a horrendous person that this is getting more publicity.