Beyonce Insists She is Not Lying About Her Age!

Beyonce has slammed reports she lies about her age, and is in fact seven-years-old older than she admits to being. Internet rumors started circulating this week after a celebrity gossip website claimed to have a document from the Texas Department Of Health saying the star was 32, not 25 as she claims.

The birth certificate said the star was born on September 4 in 1974, but a source tells that the authenticity of the document could not be verified. The singer, who claims she was born in 1981, celebrated her 25th birthday in September which coincided with the release of her new album, Birthday.

The singer’s representative slams the claims that her client is lying about her age, insisting she had “no idea” how the rumors started. Representatives from the High School Of The Visual And Performing Arts in Houston, which Knowles attended confirm she was a student at the institution from 1997 to 2000.

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