Everyone Hates Paris… PART TWO

Paris Hilton was involved in a foul-moutahed bust-up with Texas star Sharleen Spiteri at a London party on Wednesday (15NOV06) night. Paris sparked the row by wrongly accusing Spiteri of showering her with ice at a party thrown by Vanity Fair magazine after the World Music Awards, reportedly branding the Scottish singer a “f**king ugly idiot”.

Hilton annoyed guests at the party while she danced on seats, and she lost her temper when one partygoer started to hurl ice in her direction. A guest at the party tells British newspaper The Mirror, “She screamed and lurched towards Sharleen, who was sitting with friends and shouted, ‘What the f**k did you do, you f**king ugly idiot?’ Spiteri refused to take the insult lightly, brandishing a fist in the socialite’s face and hurling abuse in her direction.
A spokesman for Spiteri has confirmed the bust-up, saying, “She was confronted by Paris and two bodyguards and accused of something she didn’t do. She told them where to go in no uncertain terms.”

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t anybody have any bottles they could throw!!!