Lindsay Lohan Confused about Diet

Lindsay Lohan recently said she has a passion of fatty foods – seconds before admitting she doesn’t eat carbs or sugar.

“I eat all types of things. I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches,” Lindsay Lohan, 20, told Britain’s OK! magazine. Which is actually great because fats help cope with worst hangovers.

“I like McDonald’s and my favourite food is sushi, but I can’t do any carbs or any sugar.”

“Everyone goes through that phase where you’re not comfortable in your own skin. Then you learn you have to be confident with yourself and that shows through the most,” Lindsay Lohan said, busting the rumours that she might be battling eating disorder.

“You want to be sexy. It’s OK not to like your body, but you’ll grow into it and just accept it for what it is.” source

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