Ashley Tisdale – A Disappointment…..

Ashley Tisdale Playing on her Blackberry!

Review by Robyn:

No More pictures of Ashley Tisdale and frankly, she didn’t impress me!

She really didn’t care about her fans. The first time I saw her she sat in front of the house getting her hair done. I assumed she would come over just to sign an autograph! NO! She barely glanced at all the teenyboppers. The only time she looked up from her precious Blackberry was when the kids screamed at the top of their lungs! What did she do? Give them a half ass wave!

I dismissed her behavior and I thought she would sign an autograph or at least say hi to some of the kids when she was leaving. Picture this…. About 15 kids that have been waiting hours and its time for her to come out. Well, she doesn’t even bother to walk to her car! She ran through the garage and jumped in the side of a car before any could see her!

I thought some of the kids were going to start crying! One parent started screaming!

Does she forget the reason why she is getting acting roles and the big bucks? This is her second day filming and she hasn’t signed one autograph. I couldn’t believe that she couldn’t make a tiny effort to satisfy a couple of children!

I think one kid summed up Ashley Tisdale, “Asshole”!

Review by Annemarie:

When I got home from the office today Robyn and I decided to head?over to see where Ashley was filming her movie.? It was convenient for us because the?house where the filming is going on is just a couple of streets away.???Hampstead is situated in a?very quiet suburb of Montreal – it is one of the most affluent areas of Montreal,?not much happens here, there are no stores, only houses and parks.?? Most of the traffic on the streets are joggers and people walking their dogs.? ? As we turned the corner to the street where the filming was take place we saw many eager children awaiting there hero.? Little girls not one over 12 dressed up in their best clothes hoping to get a chance to see their favorite Star clutching pictures of Ashley they hoped to get signed.? A few little boys were mixed in the small group of people.?

There was perhaps at the most 10-12 children and most accompanied by their parents.The children were allowed to stand across the street from where the filming was taking place.? The had erected a makeshift barricade.?? God knows what they thought these little girls or boys would do.? There was not a paparazzi in sight…..?There were several security guards that kept telling the children Ashley would be leaving at 8PM.? It was about 6:30 PM when we got there.? The children were so excited, the enthusiasm of the young, they wanted just one glimpse of Ashley.?

They hoped she would sign an autograph.? So I stood with Robyn and waited, I spoke to one of the security guards, since he and I were the oldest people there :-)? There was a white van parked in front of the house and it pulled away as I was talking and then one of the security guards callously came up to the barricades and told the children “Go home she has left, leave now, you are waiting for nothing”? I saw the excited faces of the children crumble……? She did not even wave goodbye… Apparently she ran from the garage to the open door of the garage so the children would not see her.I was horrified, the children were so upset, and I watched as?they slowly started to walk away with a look of disappointment.? I thought how disgusting – Ashley Tisdale was lucky to be privileged to be one of the small percent of people who are stars.?

Is this the way a celebrity behaves.? We are not talking about crowds of people here – there were may 12 little girls and boys.? No paparazzi, that?s it.? She was too good to give these children the time of day.?? The revenge of all those children will certainly be in a couple of years from now she will?ends up on one of those shows “Where are they now?”

She needs to take an example from real STARS like Miley Cyrus – who take the time to show her fans appreciation, sign autographs and talk to them.? Just my opinion!