Britney Spears Addicted to Plastic Surgery

Britney Spears is addicted to plastic surgery in hopes of improving her ‘body’. However, docs are to thrilled to receive her cash. She was denied at the Camden Aesthetic Associates in Beverly Hills on Oct. 18. She asked a doctor there to improve her nose and enlarge her breasts, says an insider, but the doctor immediately declined.

Apparently, Britney is a risky patient, “She’s a high-risk patient,” the insider explains. “He didn’t want to clear her for surgery because he didn’t think he could trust what she’d put on her medical history.” The doctor referred Britney to another specialist who plumped Britney’s lips with collagen, then sent the singer on her way, telling her to take more time to consider the other procedures. “It was a stall tactic,” the insider says. “They just wanted her out of the office.”

Britney’s lip enhancement is only one of Britney’s recent procedures. She traveled to Las Vegas on Nov. 9 to have LipoDissolve treatments, which involve breaking up fat around the buttocks and thighs with injections.

In addition, “Britney’s already consulted with at least three surgeons about new breast implants, a nose job, liposuction on her chin and Botox for her face,” says a friend. “She sees no reason to stop.” Indeed, “she constantly talks about getting work done,” the friend notes.

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  1. I don’t think Britney is addicted to plastic surgery, I saw the pictures, maybe she has gotten some things but not like to say she is addicted and on MTV awards this year she was amazing :D