Britney Spears Calls Off Divorce

Britney Spears has told estranged hubby Kevin Federline she is NOT going through with their divorce, the enquirer has learned. The troubled pop princess is so desperate to reconcile with K-Fed she consulted with her divorce lawyer on June 20th, and a day later dropped the bombshell that she intends to withdraw the divorce petition she filed last November, say insiders.

“I’m not divorcing you! I want my family back!” Britney told a stunned K-Fed during a phone conversation. But don’t expect Britney to get her way. Kevin is fed up with Brit’s wild partying and drinking and wants the divorce finalized.

His main focus has been getting full custody of the couple’s two sons, Sean Preston, 21 months, and Jayden James, 9 months. “Kevin told Britney she was crazy when she told him she did not want a divorce. He said: ‘You can’t make me stay married to you!'” revealed a source close to the couple.

A tearful Britney, 25, has been telling friends for weeks that she believes filing for divorce from 29-year-old Kevin was a mistake. And although he had suspected Britney was stalling the proceedings because she wanted to reconcile, Kevin was shocked when she actually admitted it, says the source. “She fully admitted she still loves Kevin and she wants her family back,” added another insider. “Her ego wouldn’t let her back down from starting the divorce action for a long time.”

During their recent heated phone call- in which they argued about custody arrangements- Kevin repeatedly told Britney he wasn’t coming home. Brit then became incensed and told him she would drag out their divorce in the courts for months, “until he saw things her way and came back to her.”

Although Britney filed the original petition, Kevin filed a counter petition which allows him to continue the proceedings even if Britney is uncooperative. The down side is that the case will go to trial- and could make the divorce longer and more painful for everyone involved. Britney’s publicist, Leslie Sloan-Zelnick, denies the story, but sources insist Britney wants to stop the divorce in an effort to put her shattered family back together.

Brit made the stunning announcement to Kevin after he asked her to take their sons during the weekend of June 16, so he could go to Amsterdam for his best friend’s party. She refused and instead spent the weekend clubbing with pals. “Britney doesn’t want Kevin going out- period, much less to another country where she cant hear and see what is happening,” explained the close source. “She’s jealous that Kevin has a life without her and gets paid to go to clubs and events. Britney reminds Kevin constantly that he is getting paid because of her- and that he’s nothing without her.”