Britney Spears Realizes She is Easily Replaceable

Britney Spears almost skipped her chance to make a $500,000 music video, but showed up when she realized her Jive Records label was about to give the shot to a younger, up-and-coming singer. “Britney was supposed to shoot a video for her song ‘Pieces of Me’ last Tuesday at Social Hollywood,” a well-placed Jive insider told. “Jive hired Wayne Isham to direct, had all the dancers there – hair, makeup and everything,” our source added. “But she refused to come. Jive was really upset. They were already paying everyone overtime, and finally Britney showed up 12 hours late – but only after they told her they were going to give the video shoot to another Jive artist, Samantha Jade.”

Jade, a rising star on the label, was told to be on call to shoot her video for her single “Eyes on Me,” the insider said. Rather than write off the shoot’s expense, the record company was set to have Jade step in and use the team assembled for Spears’ video.

“They were going to recalibrate it for Samantha, because it was too expensive to just scrap,” our source said. “Britney finally showed up when she realized a new, younger, hotter girl would take her slot.”


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