Dancing With The Stars Weekly Commentary

Billy Ray Cyrus ‘Trying’ to Pull off Karina Smirnoff’s Fake Mullet

This is the start of my weekly Dancing with the Stars Commentary. I don’t particularly like the show, but I assume people do since its still on the air. I have a major qualm with the show. I don’t understand why it isn’t called dancing with the C list Has-beens? They even managed to find a C list Host, Tom Bergeron.

Anyway, Tom Bergeron announced that the ‘stars’ had just four weeks to practice, instead of six weeks. As a result, they have been given another night to prove they can dance. Next Monday they dance again and then the elimination will follow the next day.

I really felt Ian Zeiring was going to do the best before the show and I was right! He started the show off with Cheryl Burke and they were my favorites. I predict they will be favorites and will make the finals. I am so happy because I love Ian… he really is a sweetie pie!

The only other performance that really captured me was Apollo Anton Ohno & Julianne Hough. I think they will also be a favorite to win. Apollo just needs some work. The judges gave then descent scores.

They hyped up Heather Mills performance to the max and I must say I wanted to see if she was going to drop a leg. I despise her, but I admire her strength. She was good for a one legged dancer.

Stupid Karina Smirnoff was back for another season. This year she is dancing with Billy Ray Cyrus. I despised her and Mario Lopez last season. I will not miss the attitudes and Mario saying KARINA! She is not spanish you freaking moron! She is Russian!

Tonight, was sweet revenge! Karina and Billy Ray were complete disasters. They danced to “I Want my Mullet Back’… Poor Billy couldn’t dance and even forgot the moves at one point. Then he tried to rip Karina’s mullet off at the end, but it wouldn’t come off! Instead, of giving up he kept trying to rip it off! It was so funny to see Karina’s head being pulled up and down like a doll! I was so sad to see him give up… Karina looked pissed and kept trying to fix her ugly hair while the judges massacred them. “You were like a crazy bear lost in a swamp,” Tonioli said. Goodman agreed saying “It was more like a hoedown than a cha-cha-cha”.

Joey Fatone and Kym Johnson received the highest votes. I liked them, but they were not my favorite. I think the competition just began now,” judge Carrie Ann Inaba said of the cha-cha. She also said she loved Fatone’s sense of humor! They will last long …

Till next Monday my C list Has-beens!


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