DUFF to Britney & Lindsay…. LISTEN UP – You may LEARN SOMETHING!

Hillary Duff says watching young stars ruin their careers by using drugs has kept her focused. The 19-year-old actress-and-singer – who also has her own clothes, doll and perfume ranges – is determined not to tarnish her wholesome image by experimenting with substances.
Hilary told Stella magazine: “When I first moved to Hollywood with my parents we lived at the Oakwood Apartments. “There were all these people there who were really successful, up-and-coming actors who were on
TV shows and stuff. But they all got into drugs and lost all their money and are nowhere now.
“They just fell off the face of the earth. It scared me. It made me so uninterested in drugs and experimenting.”
Hey Britney and Lindsay here is a role model for you!