Jessica SImpson and John Mayer Heading to the Alter?

Jessica Simpson and John Mayer’s romance is going so well that they might even get married. The couple was reportedly seen checking out diamond rings at Cartier on March 8 during their six day trip to Rome.

John Mayer has also been telling friends ?she?s the one he wants to settle down with,? says a source. ?He says, ?she has all the right ingredients, and she makes me laugh.??

It?s an unlikely pairing, but apparently he?s found his soul mate: He wanted to have ?a wife, a home, a degree of stability? before he turned 30 — just six months from now!- says the source: ?The clock is ticking for him!?

Expect a low-key proposal and a traditional, intimate wedding when their schedules clear up, adds the source.


One response to “Jessica SImpson and John Mayer Heading to the Alter?”

  1. d mumsie says:

    He laughs cause she’s stupid? Um, how much fun will it be when he has to pay her family’s way? Ho ho.. She, mommy and daddy will love him much much till the money runs out, or he gets her career started to pay her own way and she dumps him for a big settlement! ~_o