Katie Holmes Turned Down Batman Begins

Katie Holmes has turned down a $2 million deal to star in the sequel to Batman Begins. The actress was expected to reprise her role as Rachel Dawes alongside Christian Bale for Batman: The Dark Knight but has pulled out because of “scheduling conflicts”.

Rumors have already circulated that Katie has been replaced by Rachel McAdams for the comic-book adventure, also starring Heath Ledger as The Joker.

Katie has instead signed up to star alongside Queen Latifah in the comedy Mad Money. The movie follows three female janitors working at the Federal Reserve who plot a major heist. Katie Holmes decision to do a comedy is believed to be part of her plan to re-launch herself, following her career break to marry and have their daughter, Suri.

However, film insiders have suggested she has been struggling to find work because of her controversial conversion to her husband’s Scientology faith. A source said: “Studios may be gun-shy if her new status as a tabloid fixture. And her expectations may be raised as the new Mrs Cruise. Stars of much bigger stature, including Meg Ryan and Demi Moore, have found it tough to regain their momentum after taking time off.”


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